Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Remix Project: Week #1 Entries

I'm very sorry for the delay in posting the entries. I was having a lot of computer problems this week but I'm hoping everything has been fixed. First off let me say thank you to everyone who participated this week. We have 21 entries which is phenomenal and I hope we can keep those numbers up as we continue with the project. You all did a great job and I appreciate the time, effort, and great remixes each of you came up with.

Everyone vote for their favorite remix, the top 2 will be saved for the final mixtape. Vote using the poll that I have generated. 1 vote per 1 IP address! That way it's fair for everybody. I encourage all of you to really listen to each remix as each person really worked hard on these. I will also be posting a link up on the sidebar for each week's entries for people to go back if they need to vote or want to listen to the remixes again.

Also please leave feedback for these producers and beatmakers. I think it's only going to help each of them get better at their respective crafts. Again thank you to all of you and I look forward to more great, quality music from each of you!

Due to the number of remixes and all of the media players, The Chronicles is taking a long time to load and there are other problems that have been encountered. So in order to fix these problems and to listen to all the remixes and cast your votes please visit this page:

Mixtape Project Week 1 Entries

Bookmark the page so it's easier! Thanks everyone!


  1. My votes:

    -Flu Remix
    -J Mack Remix

    The J's one is awesome, seems like
    he used the classic Sonic soundtrack (megadrive)



  2. My vote is for Complex! :)

  3. hmm, i can't decide betweet rob robway and flu remix.both are amazing

  4. My lord. I honestly was not expecting such well put together tracks! I love most of them, but im going to have to go with Complex. He is probably the only one who managed to stay away from the original "Push It" track, and also from "The Way I Are" itself. He added a whole new dimension to the song and i definitely enjoyed his remix the most. Runner up would have to be hAzEL or Flu. They both created nice renditions of Push It. I was originally going to participate, but now i see what i have to compete against. Kind of intimidating to say the least. I might reconsider and save myself the embarrassment :0

    PS: Maybe next time you could host the mp3s on another site? Only a couple of these worked for me in full. Zshare is a great site to use. Then again i dont think they have the option to embed.

  5. Wow many great remixes! :)
    I think you should've added a poll that only register unique votes or something.

  6. definately an ace turn-out.
    Some great entries in this lot, but i reckon my fave one hasta be 'Complex's remix'.
    Diggin the different vibe it gave the track, most definately.

  7. My vote is for Andy !!

    great remix ;)

  8. there's a lot of great stuff but my vote goes for andy he really changed the vibe of the song

    I really like this remix

  9. Hey !

    My vote goes for the Andy Remix
    Check it out !


  10. My vote goes for The marvellous Andy Remix !

  11. I vote for Andy Remix !!
    it is the best

  12. I give my vote for the Andy remix

  13. Meeeeeen many tracks are very good .... but i definetly like the crazy style of --->QUI<--- ..... sounds timbolike!

    @ all .... try to listen, well-produced!!!!!

  14. These votes will count BUT from here on out we're going to be using a poll that only counts 1 vote per IP address to make it fair for everyone.

    Thank ya'll!!

  15. Hello Everybody!
    Fistable, Forgive my poor vocabulary, I'm not english ;-)
    It was a pleasure for me to do this remix and it's also a pleasure to listen all this remix.
    If you allow it to me, I give you what I'm thinking about each remix.

    1/ Andy Remix : I really like this remix, there's a very good ambiant melody and that gives a good contrast with the original.

    2/ DGZ : Excellent work, when we listen this music we want to dance immediately, very good work on the acapella also.

    3/ Gotdion : Damn, that's really excellent! very, very good!! At this moment your remix is my favorite.Very good Fx on the Jonh Doe verse.

    4/ Introduction : Very good music but for me the acapella's tonality don't go with your music.

    5/ Moe Masri : Yes very good music! Sounds like the neptunes, I like it, but once again for me the tonality of the acapella don't go with your music.

    6/ Mr Glass : Like DGZ, your remix makes my body move! Very good work.
    7/People like myself : Very good vibes, good contrast with the original but for me your music and the acapella are not totally in symbiosis.

    8/ T.Mill : Unfortunately, I can't listen your remix, the music doesn't start I don't understand Why :-(

    9/ Aaron James : Very good music, but I think the tonality of your music is not the same than the original.

    10/ Complex : Damn! Incredible remix, that's excellent, even if the second verse of Keri Hilson is not exactly on the beat.

    11/ Dj Dhola : Good music and good vibes but I think your remix would be better with 2 or 3 decibels more on the acapella.

    12/ Flu : Yes! very good vibes, I like your remix, simple but effective.

    14/ Hazel : once again very good vibes, like Flu tha's simple but effective.

    15/ Karcel : I won't comment my own remix lol

    16/ Kurt Kobane : Yes very good remix! For me it's too short but I congratulate you, you did a very good music.

    17/ Precious P. : Good vibes and good beat but I think your chords are not in the good tonality.

    18/ Qui : Yes very good remix! I really like your melody riff, nice job!!

    19/ Rob Roway : Once agin very good remix, I like your hard leads, good vibes, good chords!!

    20/ Tre D : Good remix, good vibes, I like the Fx on the acapella at the end!

    21/ ZITA : Nice job, I like the variations when Keri Hilson sings.

    22/ J Mac : Good remix, good chords, maybe not enough crazy but that's a good job!

    That's very hard to choose only one remix, there's a lot of very good music, for me Complex and Gotdion did the bests remixs, but my vote goes to Gotdion.
    Peace everybody!


  16. the kurt kobane remix is already being picked up by midwest radio,and the core djs!..there is a long version thats the snippett he sent j boogie....

  17. Ah ok, thanks for this information. I'm curious to listen the complete version.

  18. this is kurt kobane....good work everybody!! its crazy to see how we as beatmakers,and producers can have similar ideas,even tho we from all over the andy i did do a slow dreamy kind of remix at first,but i switched up and concentrated on a urban club type groove made of timbalands percussions..whats crazy real talk,radio djs heard it and thought it was a new timbaland song....because im in the business i kinda kept the remix commercial enough to reach more than just a rave/dance type listener....I LIKE EVERYBODYS just giving you a insight into how we approach a remix from a major label view......i know also that damn push it syth sound shouldnt have been in the accapella..that made us all have to follow that key...once again all you cats keep it up!!!!!!! you all got good talent

  19. aw damn, mine didn't get posted :(

  20. Nick yours is the best!

    Could someone please add another poll? I wanna vote for Nick Crescendo Remix

  21. Sup Y' crazy comp didnt kno that many people participated....i tried listening to all of em but the players load up so slow or don't even play at all...newayz i hope to hear all of em...everybody handled the biz cant wait to handle the next comp

    DJ DHoLa

  22. omg i wanna download them all

  23. Several people have written me via myspace that they tried to vote for me but it won't show in the results, what's up with that?

    Precious P.

  24. Have you guys heard this guys remix from the uk?

    It damn hot!!

  25. You need to check out Oomusic

    Producer singer songwriter and everything else. Aparently she going to be workin on her own Album.


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