Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Chronicles presents: The Thomas Crown Remix Project

So we here on The Chronicles definitely try to mix things up to keep everyone’s interest up but most of all because we don’t like to be just a music page or a news page, rather we like keeping ya’ll on your toes. The website is only as good as its readers and your involvement is always appreciated. So I’ve kicking this idea around for the last 2-3 weeks and decided to present it to everyone and get your feedback. So here’s how I’m hoping it goes down:

1. Each week an acapella from a Timbo produced track or a sample Timbo has used is posted.

2. People take the acapella/sample and remix it however they want and send it back to me

3. The following week I post up all the remixes I received for the week and everyone votes for their 2 favorites.

4. The 2 favorites are saved and another acapella/sample is posted for the week and we go again.

5. For the next 8 weeks this goes on until we have 16 remixed tracks. Then those tracks are mixed into 1 long “mixtape” and posted for everyone to download

Now this has nothing to do with The Chronicles itself, we would be just the hosts. Rather I thought this would be a great way for all aspiring beatmakers/producers to get some exposure and get your name and work out there. Plus it’s a great way for all of you to show how you feel a Timbo track could (or should) sound.

So does this sound like something everyone would be interested in? Could you all do this for the next couple of months? Is a remix a week enough time? If you’re worried about your tracks being taken then tag them. This project is only going to be successful if there is a lot of interest and people actually participate.

So get back to me. Leave a comment or hit me with an e-mail and give me your feedback no matter what it is. I was planning on starting the project next week depending how everyone felt about it.

Let me know….


  1. Great idea, I'm in! One week seems to be a bit short though, perhaps one remix every other week?

    You probably should pick a popular acapella the first time, so you'll get more people outside the "Timbaland community" interested!

  2. Absolutely would be up for this. I think a week is enough time. Not like everyone has to participate every week. Only when inspiration hits or when time permits, ya know?

  3. how do we get it sent to u?? and are we startin from now? usin the samples jst posted?

  4. i've been waiting for you guys to mention something like this! that would be a fun project to be a part of. i'm totally down.

    but yeah, i think everyweek might be too fast too. everyother week sounds good. let's get that started ASAP!

    - Jaehwa.

  5. Boog,

    Very nice idea. Every other week sounds like a go.


    Tre'dmarks City, WA


  7. I want to participate but I don't know how to make beat
    Maybe if i go to start to train...



  8. i think that's a brilliant idea.. I'm all in ..

  9. good idea.

    i would like to hear those remixes.

  10. This is brilliant idea. Bring it on!

  11. im all in a week is enough time

  12. Great idea! Will try my best...

  13. This is separate from the remix idea (which is a good one, IMO) - but according to Wikipedia (I know, I know), Crowd Control will have a video and will be released as a single this fall. Do any Tim stans know what this is going to be a single *for* exactly, or have any other info on Justin/Nelly "Crowd Control"??

  14. This sounds like a great idea! I'll probably try it out myself!

  15. Don't believe the Wiki!

    And J, you know I'm in >:D

  16. hey im down for sure count me in


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