Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cruel Intenions DVD

Sebastian also talked about how he adding to his "Cruel Intentions" DVD that I hope will come out one day soon. Now I'm sure all of you have already seen the 2 clips of the DVD. The 1st clip is what intrests me the most. There are all sorts of new unreleased Timbaland beats sprinkled throughout including this incredible beat with the lyrics "Would you like to...." Though it's only a snippet, it has been a top 5 Tim track for me since I first heard it. Well as it turns out the beat is not Timbaland, rather it's.......Hannon Lane! I'm telling all of you Hannon is not to be messed with, the dude is INCREDIBLE on the boards and I know that he's going to get real big in the next few years.

Sticking with the same video, at the very end you'll notice a white dude playing a guitar, singing. Of course you want to say it's Justin Timberlake but it's not. If you look at this video you'll see the same guy, same green sweatshirt and you can tell it's definitely not Justin. So who is it?

None other than Chris Rich.......who? Ever watch American Idol? Then you'll know it's Chris Richardson the 5th place contestant on Idol. Pretty interesting don't you think? The videos are obviously before Robinson was a contestant on Idol so the question is what was he doing in Tim's studio? Will he be on Sebastian's album? Hmm interesting information that you know Boogie will be checking into so stay tuned.


  1. Oh wow, that definitely was Chris Richardson! Weird...interested to hear more about this.

  2. Were all waiting for this one. See I never noticed Chris. See how much I really pay attention. Thanks Boogie

  3. Isn't that 'Would You Like To...' Sample the same one that Kanye and Common used?


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