Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Timberlake confirms 50/Timbo track

From an MTV article

****TV: And on the flipside, you're also doing something with 50 Cent?

Timberlake: Yes, I did a song with 50 as well, Timbaland and I. We call it "AYO Technology," and it's really cool because it's a bounce record, it's kind of got the same tempo as "My Love," so to hear 50 rapping on a track like that is really different for him. I'm a fan, man. I'm just working with people I'm a fan of.

MTV: Did 50 bring out the hardest Justin yet?

Timberlake: We met somewhere in the middle. [He laughs.] It was somewhere like a bulletproof designer necktie.****

There you have it, the question is will the track be on this album, 50's next project slated to be released before 2008, or just be an unreleased track. ****Edit I wonder if "AYO Technology was renamed to "Mechanic" for the album? That would make sense as to why we don't see it listed. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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