Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Speak N Spell

One album that remains a mystery when it comes to samples is Missy Elliott's Da Real World. It's been hard for even the best sample sleuths to track down Tim's samples as easiely as on other albums. There was one "sample" or rather sound I knew the first time I heard it and I thought Tim was a genius for using it just because it fit the track perfect and he flipped it backwards.

First check out Missy Elliott's "Hey Mr DJ"

Now do you remember when you were a kid playing with a Speak N Spell? Maybe I'm too old and some of you too young to know what a Speak N Spell is but it was THE toy to have as a kid and it was entertainment for days. Well Tim and/or Missy must have had one too because they used it in "Mr DJ."

Check the "M I S S Y...Y S S I M"

Now go here Click "Play" then "On" and try it yourself.


  1. OMFG! thank you so much for this, I used to play with this when I was a kid!

    M I S S Y...Y S S I M

  2. http://www.zshare.net/audio/20675557c33284/ ^^

  3. wow , nice find!!

  4. Can someone upload the song so I can dl it?

  5. ahahahahhahahaa

    P H A B I N H O...O H N I B A H P


  6. WWooooaahhhh Jay, u really out did urself this tym.. Oh if it helps, a sample in that track was used in two of Bubba's tracks (Ugly & Bubba Talk). The Location of the sample cud be hurrd right b4 the other MC cam the track. Tell me if am right or not like the last tym eh? Gud one TCC


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