Tuesday, May 8, 2007

No Tim on the New 50?

50's new album "Curtis" is now available for pre-order on iTunes. The tracklisting is the following:

1 187
2 Come & Go
3 Follow My Lead
4 Movin' On Up
5 Peep Show
6 Still Will Kill
7 All of Me
8 Destiny
9 Fully Loaded Clip
10 My Gun Go Off
11 She Wants It
12 Straight to the Bank
13 Amusement Park
14 Fire (Feat. Nicole from PCD)
15 Hands Up High
16 Officer Down
17 Smile
18 The Mechanic (Feat. Tony Yayo)

The album's description discusses Pharrell, Kanye, will.i.am, etc., but no mention of Timbo or Justin. However, Wikipedia states that Danja produced "Fully Loaded Clip" while Justin and Tim are on "The Mechanic." This is 0% true until I see a source!


  1. fully loaded clip is produced by dangorous llc

  2. I'm pretty sure "Smile" is produced by Timbaland since Timbo said in a video interview that he had a song with 50 that went something like "STOP, SMILE - You should be dead by now"

    But I dunno. Pre-tracklists are always confusing.

    // Hammer aka AlexW aka H4 Aka Da D&G Don ;)

  3. fully loaded clip is produced by havoc

    amusement park is produced by dangerous llc

  4. r u sure "SMILE" is a TiMBO track???

  5. look at this video:http://videos.onsmash.com/v/9DlulS5K1ZFHbLkV

    he said nothing about timbo :(
    and nothing about scott storch, that is interesting

  6. iTunes says producers: Dr. Dre, Eminem & Timbaland so I'll believe that until the album leaks

    - 3000

  7. Hey Hammer, could you post a link to the interview where Timbaland said that ?


  8. I want to hear the track with Nicole Scherzinger. I love that girl.


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