Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Throw It On Me" Video

Cool video with that Sin City feel. The video actaully makes me like the song which I never thought would be possible. What do ya'll think?


  1. Ah yes, very good video!!
    Better than Give it to me.
    I really like this "comics style", Timbaland is a super heroe lol
    Thanks Boogie for this video!


  2. Dunno about "shocking", but it's an awesome video!

  3. please post it for download...very creative! :D
    reminds me a little of the Here I Come video...the comics style

  4. yeah J BOOGIE, this also made me like the song...very nice

  5. Cool video! reminds me of the Tim & Magoo video..

  6. Well, its kinda ok but... i was expectin more of the gurls, i mean dey shud show off their body, dancin skills and other things... But, nt get me wrong, its a very lovly video, it eminds me of "Here We Come" but this tym, SEXIER!!! Good work TTC

  7. It's a hot video for Tim. The Sin City style is really cool. His vids are usually shitty. It's like more expensive, much version of his "Here we come" video. That shit was so cheap and rubbish. *lol*

    I agree with ya J Boogie on the vid making the song more likeable. I wasn't too keen on this song at first, but it continues to grow on me.

  8. heya!!!
    i just read ur post in my music blog...thanxs for the info dude:) and ur blog rocks..i visit it very often!


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