Saturday, May 5, 2007

Back in the Day

What up, it's Roderick aka BossPlayya checkin in.

Now, usually I limit my contributions to the Timstrumentals, but I consider myself a OG Tim fan, so I'ma take this opportunity to take it back for a minute.

I ain't gon go thru the whole Tim's Bio thing where I explain how he got to where he is, him & Missy and the whole Bassment crew w/ Devante and them...that story's BEEN told.

It's been a debate about Tim 'ghost producing' for Devante for a while now. Young Mosley started rollin w/ De from before the summer of '93, so there are a whole lotta cats that try to dissect the songs that came outta that era, and try to figure out what joints Tim mighta had a hand in.

Another thing I aint tryna do is debate who the better producer is or how De mistreated his Swing Mob crew. My aim w/ this is to highlight some ol' school songs -- that early to mid 90's era - where De Swing had heavy involvement from Tim, Missy Playa and the rest of the gang on his tracks.

I'ma start w/ a Tony Thompson joint from 1995. SLAVE. An album track off the former (and recently reunited) lead singer of Hi-Five's solo album. The track is produced by DeVante Swing, co-produced by Darryl Pearson (y'all know him! frequent and still Tim collaborator). Missy co-wrote the song and it features Playa on backgrounds. Devante even shouts out Static in this joint. Both Tim & De are heavily influenced by Prince when they attempt slow jams...see if you can hear anything that reminds you of Tim or anything that Tim has carried over into his own work down the line.

Tony Thompson//SLAVE produced by DeVante Swing


  1. this is kurt kobane...friend of devante,and multi platinum credited producer myself...listen to the lyrics of the hook....ill be ya slave,you can whip my body if i misbehave' go to justin timbalake sexy back a ya slave,i let u whip me if i misbehave......hummmm??? lol oh yeah its really me..hit me at

  2. Great info Rod! Man I didn't know any of that. Looking forward to what more you have in store for us.


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