Monday, May 14, 2007

What's That sound? Part I: The Early Years

Wassup ya'll Boogie here with a lot of goodies for ya'. I have to say out of all the hundreds of posts I've ever done on The Chronicles this is by far my favorite. So good that it took me a week and over 60 hours just researching it. So good in fact I have to break it up into 3 parts over 3 days. So good that I will never listen to a Timbaland track the same ever again. Yes THAT good and keeping with The Chronicles theme we'll throw in a little conspiracy theory or 2 in there for good measure. So sit back, relax, and enjoy but you need your ears for this one BIG TIME!

What if I told you there are 3 sample CDs that Tim has used nearly his entire career? From Ginuwine's "Pony" to Shock Value. Would you believe me? What if I said I had proof from nearly every year his music has been released? No? Still not enough for you? What if I said that I had 25 tracks to prove it? NO? Still not enough. Well how about the samples themselves? How about I give you not 1 or 2, not 5, not 10, not even 20, but 40 samples yes 40 that prove my very point. Come on now Boogie you lyin'. Well let's start shall we.....

It's been said that Timbaland had completed Ginuwine's The Bachelor 2 years before it was actually released. That would mean the album was completed in 1994 since it was released in 1996. That amazes me to know that an album so incredible, so groundbreaking in sound was made back then. Let's take a look at "When Doves Cry" What's the stand out sound? Could it be Sample 1? I'd say so but let's move on to G's hit "Pony" There is a couple of samples here. There's Sample 2 and Sample 3.

Moving on to Aaliyah's 1996 album One In A Million, there's the track "Never Comin' Back" which samples Sample 4. Looking at her hit the title track "One In A Million" you can hear Sample 5. Now this sample can also be heard pitched up in Ginuwine's "Tell Me Do You Wanna". Hear it? Also in "One In A Million" is the famous Timbo Sample 6. This sample can be heard all over Tim's productions. At first you want to say you hear the same sample in 702's "Steelo" Remix but actually it's a slightly different cricket and is really Sample 7. What else do you hear in the remix? Take a listen to Sample 8 and pay close attention to the last 2 notes. Yes that's a damn dolphin Tim used for that, I was amazed.

Moving on to Missy Elliott's 1997 album Supa Dupa Fly when listening to "The Rain" you'll hear a sped up version of Sample 7. Then in "Beep Me 911" you'll hear our mousey friend Sample 5 again. In "Friendly Skies" you hear Sample 9. Now this one is a bit tricky for "Best Friend" at around :58 you'll hear some flutes. These are actually both Sample 10 and Sample 11 chopped up. If you listen and rearrange the notes you'll hear it. Yes you're right on "Pass The Blunt" that is Sample 1 again. Finally on "Busta's Outro" you'll hear Sample 12.

How we doin' so far, ya'll still with me? Ok it's 1998 let's look at Playa's "All The Way" it uses Sample 13. Alright on to Tim's Bio, "Put Em On" which uses Sample 14. 1999 now, check the beat switch on Missy's "Busa Rhyme". There's a lot going on in there. That's Sample 9 again yes and then there's Sample 15 and Sample 16 which are in there. Add to that the first siren Sample 17 and the 2nd siren definitely is debatable if it really is Sample 18 BUT both samples can be heard in Mocha's "Runnin' Shit" though the 2nd is tweaked a bit.

Yes you're right I forgot Tim & Magoo's Welcome To Our World so let's back up to 1997 and take a look at it. There's "Beep Beep" which yes samples both crickets samples while "Smoke In Da Air" samples one. "Up Jumps Da Boogie" however samples an entirely different cricket, yes a 3rd one Sample 19. Almost done now "Man Undercover uses Sample 20.

Now of course we wouldn't be The Chronicles if we didn't add a little conspiracy theories in there. I can't say for sure but we all are familiar with those little chipmunk laughs Tim has sprinkled throughout his productions especially his early work well I have a feeling he used Sample 21 and slowed it down. Who knows I could be wrong but I just have this gut feeling.

Whew 21 samples and it's only day 1, did I move to fast for ya'? Just wait I have a lot more for ya'll and a few surpises too. Hope you liked this post!


  1. so far so good.

    also aint 'runnin shit' by Mocha

  2. Now that's what I'm talkin about :) Thx so much

  3. u'r crazy man!
    i like ya samplez i can use it 4 my productions!

    big thx

  4. You're insane with the info boog, insane I tell you!

    Tre'dmarks City

  5. Missy Elliott's "Friendly Skies"
    really samples boyz n the hood(movie),
    in the Scene where ricky is shot,

    check it out all the way through.


  6. LOL @ above post

    While that's true, there's no rule you can only sample one thing per track. Unless you meant to write "aswell" instead of "really" then you should keep that in mind :)

    Oh and J, freaking ridiculous post man, you still sittin on the throne of the tim stans.

  7. nice man, this is nutttz, its crazy what he can turn sounds into.. can't wait for the next one.

  8. Incredible how you found this stuff man!!!

    - 3000

  9. Amazing!

    If it isn't too much trouble, can you put this all in one giant download when you're all finished?

  10. The dolphins are in "Tell Me Do You Wanna", also.

  11. everyone is aware of Sample CDs my dear friend...but what...J Boogie is trying to show us is how TImbaland can use one cd from the beginning of his career to his latest release....


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