Tuesday, May 1, 2007

"The Way I Are" mystery 2nd rapper is.....

None other than Sebastian! He has put the track on his myspace along with this bulletin:

****Well there has been a lot of speculation about there was a new featured added to "The Way I Are" for the video version off of Timbaland presents SHOCK VALUE ALBUM for the next single. So I decided to post it up on my page to give u guys a first listen b4 the video comes out. So here it is:

"The Way I Are" featuring Keri Hilson, D.O.E, and Sebastian Enjoy it and go pick up Timbaland Presents Shock Value Album in stores NOW!!!!!

And shout out to the wonderful, talent, best female engineers in the game "MARCELLA" Thank u for the hot mix :)****

So there you have it, Sebastian is the added person on the track. I'm really feelin' the beat breakdown at the end, I wish they extended that even further. Ya'll remember our talk on Marcella right? I'm tellin' you be on the lookout for her.


  1. Hmmmm to me its sounds like sebastian's verse doesnt really fit properly, but the beat switch is hot!!

  2. Yeah... I could swear many people said the song would sound better without any rap (ie; John DOE), so... why'd they add Sebastian??? Really not feeling this...

    Neither artist came with their "A Game"... This song could have been a great showcase for Tim & Keri... but John & Sebastian's contributions were not needed...

  3. i agree wid the anonymous guy, am sorry but no MMG artist cud fit into dat song with rap, is either a rapper outside MMG or no rap @ all. Gud beat switch though... Good one TTC Team! Bless


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