Thursday, May 3, 2007

Rare Reel

When I found this week's Rare Reel, I was floored. I had never heard of it and never knew anything about it. Check it out:

Yes that's Missy Elliott, Lil' Mo, Cheryl Pepsii Riley (she KILLED it!), Gina Thompson, AND Nicole Wray all in one venue. Apparently this is from a concert in Hamburg, Germany, however with all the cameras it doesn't seem like an actual concert rather I wonder if it's a live TV performance.

If anyone has the full of this concert or knows where I can find/buy it please let me know. Enjoy :D


  1. I been at this concert, it was many many years ago, wow, didn't even know they filmed it!

  2. wow that was HOT i love missy and im lookin forward to her new album with TIM behind the beats lol

  3. really cool



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