Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sisqo and Timbaland

If you all remember there was a long gap in Timbo produced music in late 2004 and early 2005. One track that was leaked completely out of the blue was a track called “Really Real” by Sisqo. It was leaked by one of his fan sites and was said to be produced by Timbaland. Not well received by fans who were looking for more of that Timbo sound versus the breezy, sythny final product, the track could never be verified if it was Tim or not. There was confirmation from Sebastian that Timbo and Sisqo worked together, but not the name of the tracks so “Really Real” was put on the it-could-be-Tim list and forgotten about.

Fast forward 2 years to about 3 weeks ago, when on Sisqo’s official myspace “Really Real” showed up along with notes in the music player that said “produced by Timbaland not on "Last Dragon" (his upcoming album) So going on the assumption that the myspace is truly his official one, finally the ‘Really Real” question was answered.

Well around this same time another Sisqo track emerged called “Pop That” which was also said to be produced by Timbaland. At that time the track was also on Sisqo’s official myspace but there was no notation that the track was produced by Tim. I argued that it wouldn’t make sense for Sisqo, who’s trying to promote a new album, to put up a Timbo track and not promote it as such since Tim is so huge right now. I went back and forth with the Timbo fans and even Czar with his bionic ear was quick to point out that the track had the same drums as Missy’s “Wake Up” so was more than likely Tim. Though he was right, I wouldn’t give in.

Then all of a sudden a week after the track was first put up on his myspace, notes appeared in the music player that also said “produced by Tim not "Last Dragon" that were not there before. Why those notes weren’t put up in the first place will always remain a mystery (to me) but finally there was the confirmation needed that both tracks are produced by Timbo. So add them to your lists. Of course now I’m wondering why they didn’t make the album....

Thanks to Czar and Big A for the arguments :D


  1. I understand why "Pop That" isn't on the album, but "Really Real" is really good...at least on first listen. Not sure how it'd hold up w/ repeated listens. Overall, not the strongest Tim tracks, and I'm guessing he'll have better ones on the album.

  2. Actually yeah, "Really Real" is really really repetitive (which is my biggest pet peeve w/ Tim).


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