Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's That Sound? Part II: The Middle Years

Well here we are on day #2. Before I continue let me say these sample CDs, or I should say correctly Sound Effect CDs, are 100% legit and can be bought on the internet by anyone, it's just a matter of finding them. So let me start with another little conspiracy theory. There’s been a lot of talk about current producers who work with Timbo not getting their dues. The Royal Court not getting full production credits, Brian Kidd not getting credit, etc etc yet Tim went through the exact same thing with Devante. If you go way back and really listen to some tracks credited to Devante but “all instruments by Timbo” or “scratches by Timbo” you’ll definitely hear that Timbo style. Well here’s what may be considered a little proof to this very fact. In 1996, Devante is credited for producing Da Basement’s track "Love U Down" (off the Nutty Professor Soundtrack). It’s actually using Sample 22 from the sample CDs we’ve been talking about. Coincidence? Tim letting Devante use his samples? Devante ironically using the same sample CDs? Hmmm….

I think Tim put down these sample CDs starting in 2000, more so I think he changed up his style of production and sampled from actual songs more than he did in the past. There are samples used from the 3 CDs but they are a lot more subtle. Yet there are those tracks that you can definitely hear loud and clear the sample sound used. Take a look at Missy’s 2003 "Let It Bump." It uses the first part of Sample 23. Sticking with the same album when you listen to "Pump It Up" you’ll hear a rather interesting sound which is this one Sample 24 as well as Sample 25. You remember Jazmine Sullivan’s ”Backstabbers” that Tim did? At the very begining he used this Sample 26. Remember this one because we’ll be revisiting it in a second. Then there’s the 2004 Ludacris track ”The Potion.” Yes Tim used the same sample CDs to give it this sound Sample 27.

So this could get real boring playing 1 sample here and 1 sample there and I definitely don’t want to bore you. When Tim did use the sample CDs these middle years he really used them. Take a listen to Jacki O’s 2004 track "Slow Down" yes there is Sample 26 again but it’s followed by Sample 28, Sample 29, and Sample 30. Now the track has also used a sample from Musical Youth’s “Pass That Dutchie” which it originally came from but Tim got it from this Sample 31 break beat off the same set of Sample CDs we’ve been talking about. Looking at another multiple sound track how about Missy’s 2003 track ”Partytime”. The entire backbone is this break Sample 32 with this Sample 33 laced on top. Don't get those 2 samples mixed up with J. Geil's "Whammer Jammer" sample that is credited in the liner notes for "Partytime"

The final track we’ll look at today is one of my favorite Tim tracks ever Missy’s 2003 ”I’m Really Hot” Now this track has all sorts of samples in it. It starts off with the call and response of Sample 34 and Sample 35. Then following that Sample 36 echos. You do hear Sample 37 throughout the whole track and the whistle is yes Sample 25.

Ok that’s it for today, what’d ya’ think? Still interesting? What you all have to realize is these sample CDs have snares, hi- hats, cybals, flutes, synths, bass, guitar, breaks, voices, etc everything you need to make a track. So what I’m pointing out are just obvious sounds in Tim’s productions but Tim used these CDs to create entire songs with. I’m talking about every single sound you hear, every beat, every rhythm, every element of the song was made using these CDs. Pretty incredible stuff I have to say and Tim always comes back to these them.

For tomorrow I’ll prove that very point when we look at Shock Value….


  1. sample 29 sounds like a gremlin

  2. wasn't sample 37 used in the 'Drop' beatswitch?

  3. Definitely still interesting! Thanks Boogie

  4. very interesting how three cds can mold a whole creative resume of unmatched beats

  5. Yo J,
    Can you share what sample cd this is? I didn't know such things existed.

  6. this blog is top rankin

  7. i like this....it's has that whole "back to the future" biff and the "sports almanac" twist lol

    great blog guys. keep it up

  8. u talk to much...just post samples and stfu

  9. hey guys, I searched for one of these sample cds and I think I found one:
    simon harris - breaks, beats & samples volume 7
    on this disk you will find "we are controlling transmission", "cant make me say yes", and I think the tarzan sound and "oh yo" from the duck...

  10. That Simon harris CD may have a few of these samples but its not the one Tim uses

  11. I know Timbaland used some oriental sample cds like "deepest india", "spices of india" and "voices of istanbul". But where did he take those sound effects from???


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