Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nelly Furtado's verse on "Give It To Me"

There has been many rumors of who everyone was talking about on Tim's "Give It To Me" By now it's obvious Timbo was talking about Storch but what about Justin? Was it Janet Jackson? Maybe Britney? Even Prince? I guess we'll never know that one. As far as Nelly Furtado is concerned, she decided to share who she was really talking about on LA's Poiwer 106 with Big Boi show. Take a listen to what she had to about the whole "beef"

Nelly talks about Fergie

We now have pop artists going at each other in the music industry today. Even Nelly says herself it's a "cheesburger beef" yet she also goes on to explain how the beef all started rather than dismissing something she admits is "funny" and "boring"

How do you all feel about beef in music? Has it gone too far? Is it good for music or is it becoming the new trend? Rappers have beef, producers have beef, and now top 10 artists have beef, is it healthy aspect of music that is contributing to the art? Or rather is it taking away from quality music instead watering it down with self promotion tactics to get the masses to hear their music. Has music turned into tabloid entertainment?

What do you all think?


  1. Al say it nw, i think its pure stupidity especially fo TiMBO. I mean am surprised after the interview he had with i think yahoo-pepsi in which he sed he is too old to b beefin that he is not into dem kinda things, now he is makin a hit diss track (Irony). Nw, Furtado wants to b a bo$$... Wot rubbish & like i sed, pure stupidity

  2. it isn't a beef,, I think that there was some miscomunnication plus the media blows up it real bad so..

  3. So how exactly did that interview prove that Nelly wanted to be a "bo$$"? I love it when dumbasses post. It's entertaining.

  4. Yeh I believe it was a miscommunication.. I like Nellz cuz she keeps it real. But before she took that stab at Fergie she should've came to her like she did to nellz n asked her. But oh well she admitted it and itz over . BIG UPZ NELLZ--

  5. Knew it was about Fergie, and beefs are dumb, period.


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