Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chat with Sebastian

If you all haven't already joined Sebastian's fanspace group, I'd say go check it out and add the space. Why? Well to support Sebastian of course but also every Wednesday and Friday nights at 9PM Eastern time there is an open chat session that usually lasts anyhwere from an hour or longer. We haven't had a session in a long time becuase Sebastian was on tour but last night we had one and Sebastian broke us off with some really interesting news that I thought I'd share.

1. For the 2nd half of Timberlake's tour, Tim is keeping his set pretty much the same. I'm of course interested in any possible changes, if even a single track. I'm hoping to make the Tacoma show in September since everyone has said how good it is and see for myself.

2. Sebastian leaves for Europe to shoot "The Way I Are" very soon. He is also in the studio with Hannon (more on him in another post) laying down some new tracks. He is really trying to make his solo CD happen so I encourage all of you to show your support.

3. Jay Z wants to do another album.......with ONLY Tim producing. Yes that's right only Tim and Jay Z, could you imagine? Now of course this is all talk who knows what will really happen but let's hope it really transpires unlike the Dre & Tim album, Luda & Tim album, and Eve & Missy with production by Tim album that were all just talk.

There is 1 other interesting item but that deserves a post all it's own. Big thanks to Sebastian for all the info.

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