Wednesday, March 31, 2010

J Lo "Starting Over" produced by Danja

Here's an (awful) song from J Lo off her forthcoming Love?. Take a listen:

J Lo "Starting Over"

Sorry but this track is just bad. J Lo sounds flat, the beat is mediocre, and it's just one of those tracks you'd skip over. Not sure if it's a first single but if so I can already smell the dust on what would be a shelved album. Harsh true but we all KNOW Danja can do better ("Virginity" anyone?).

Track written by Wynter Gordon.

Da Bassment "Ain't Nothin' But A B Party"

The folks over at the Static Major Is Music site have been repping Timbaland HARD these days! From exclsuive news and never heard Timbaland joints, they have literally left me drooling for more.

Well they don't disappoint today with another ol' school Bassment joint titled "Ain't Nothin' But A B Party" produced by Timbaland. Go take a listen and make sure to check Timbo's rap and smile as your surrounded by crickets from all directions.

Does the hook sound familiar? Of course it does, it later became the same hook for Playa's "Smoke In Da Air." You want the full don't you? Yes you do so make sure to join their their Ning Network. Shouts out to Buddha!

Kiley Dean "Say Something" Remix

Wow here's Kiley Dean's just posted her take of Timbaland's "Say Something":

Damn she completely reworked the lyrcis and vocals. Lovin' it!

Michelle Branch Working With Timbaland

Grammy Award songstress Michelle Branch revelaed yesterday via Twitter that she's working with Timbo:

Michelle Branch: "Just got home from the studio with Timbaland. Working on a really cool project. Can't wait for y'all to hear. Now bedtime."

Hmm project? Could we be getting a whole album? Stay tuned!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dity Money F/ T.I. 'Hello Good Morning"

Check out the Diddy trio Dirty Money's 1st single "Hello Good Morning" produced by Danja:

Look out for Dirty Money's performance (and hopefully T.I.) of the song this Wednesday on American Idol. Damn Danja got the first single DOPE!

If you're not a fan of the mixing, don't worry Ms. Lago did not do the mix on this particular version. Hopefully her mix will be on the final album.

Wait...How Many In Manila?

Let me repeat: 80,000!

The Dirtbag Versions

Regular Version

Alternate Version

NBA Live 2005 Version


Vezi mai multe video din Muzica

The Mysterious Sarah Jo Martin

No other artist has more official unreleased Timbaland tracks than Sarah Jo Martin with 9 to date:

-I Can't Stand The Rain
-I'm In Hot Water
-I'm Your Slave
-I'm About To Lose It
-Put The Gun Down
-Fuck You
-Sweet Candy

So who exactly is Ms. Martin? More currently known as the former fiance of Backstreet Boys AJ McLean, seems she was around back in Da Bassment days and worked with both Timbo and Missy on a debut album. Though she enjoyed working with both of them and the music came out "incredible", the album had a heavy rock theme that just wasn't Sarah. Eventually the album was shelved, their relationship soured, and they parted ways.

Years later, audio from an interview with Sarah Jo Martin surfaced explaining her relationship with Timbaland and Missy and explaining what really happened, saying Missy was "hardcore, schizo, girl power." (lol) I would love to get my hands on that audio. Sadly this is just another case of a good relationship gone bad and the great music suffering by staying on the shelf.

Get at me if you ever come across info on Sarah Jo, I'd love to get my hands on some of the music she created back then.

Timbaland Talks About MJ's Death

Here's a look back on the impact of Micheal Jackson's death on Timbo in his own words:

Show Me The Money!

The woman that was on everyone's mind via Shock Value (who the heck is "Money") may have been quiet lately but that doesn't mean she's not on her grind. Signed to Walter Milsap's Conjunction Entertainment label, Money will soon be releasing new music along with a new website here soon. No official word on the her debut album but you can bet Timbaland will be on it.

In the meantime, Milsap has been working hard bringing his latest group Mindless Behavior to the masses.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Timbaland Invades The Philipines!

Twitter was going crazy last night with all the anticipation of the Timbaland concert w/ JoJo & Justin Timberlake. Here are a couple performances from the show with an estimated 80,000 people in attendance!!

"Carry Out" (DJ Timmy T!!)

"My Love" & "Cry Me A River" (Check the freestyle at the end "bitch!" DAMN!)

"What Goes Around Comes Around"


Looks like it was a dope show!

The Latest of "Talk That"

The many interpretation of "Talk That" continues this time with new Mosley Music Group family member Billy Blue joining the latest version. Take a listen:

"Talk That" F/ Billy Blue

We've never heard a Timbaland track go through so many changes ever so let's review the continually morphing versions so we're all on the same page:

1. Timbaland F/ T-Pain
2. Timbaland F/ T-Pain F/ Missy Elliott
3. Timbaland F/ T-Pain F/ Missy Elliott & Lil' Wayne
4. Timbaland F/ T-Pain F/ Missy Elliott & Akon
5. Timbaland F/ T-Pain F/ Billy Blue

Go back to your original version with just T-Pain and listen to all the sounds that have since been removed. Too bad...

Props to Buddha

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cali Stylz "The Archives" Volume 4

Here's a 17 cut mixtape from Cali Stylz that dropped back in November with the Danja track "Don't Stop" F/ Nic Rag. Take a listen:

<a href="">Blowin Up : LottaStylz by Cali Stylz</a>

Pay attention to "64 Lean" that is the same track as "64 Leanin'" thought to be a Danja track but as it turns out is produced by Rikki Allsum.

Big props to my homie Unreal and Nick for their production on the project.

Props to Виктор for the info!

Azerbaijan's Eurovision Entry Prodcued by.....Timbaland?

As well all know last year's Eurovision winner was Russia's Dima Bilan with his Jim Beanz written and produced hit "Believe." For this year's contest Azerbaijan announced that despite who they sent to the represent the country, the song was already chosen and was to be "composed" by none other than Timmy T.

However, now it seems the story has changed as the Azerbaijan chosen winner, Safura, will be going to the country to preform her song "Drip Drop" produced by Niklas Flyckt and written by Sandra Bjurman and Stefan Örn.

Hmm remix?

No in all honesty it seems as though this story simply didn't state the facts. Maybe Timbo entered, maybe they wanted his song but in the end it just didn't happen.

Keri HIlson Talks 2nd Album

Keri Hilson recently sat with MTV and shared her inspiration for her sophmore album.

"Everywhere I travel, I get music from that region of the world. I've been to Nigeria, I've been to South Africa, three cites in Africa [in all]. I gather music from these regions, and African music is very drum-heavy. It was very inspiring. I'm definitely going to be using some of that inspiration."

Despite all the delays, the multiple singles, and what looked to be a shelved debut album (I will admit I never though it was going to come out), looking back Keri says she's "thankful." "It's kind of been a little Detox-y. I'm just a perfectionist. I have had many [release dates], but it's all for a good cause. The label wants to make sure the album has its proper release, and I'm thankful for that. Very grateful, even though fans look at it like it's a bad thing."

Keri also confirmed that Polow and Timbaland will produce most of her album though she hopes to get Kanye and Ryan Leslie in the mix too.

5.0 Channels Timbo & SoShy

Check it out:

Get Ready For JoJo & Timbaland Part II

FINALLY some long awaited music from the 2 who have been labelmates for years. Jim Beanz, The Neptunes, and Kenna too!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Confirmation On The NLT/Timbo/Royal Court Tracks

The last time I talked about this collabo I left you all with the question I have been trying to answer for literally years now, what tracks did Timbo and Royal Court REALLY do for NLT?

Well I'm not one to give up so easily and after all this time I have finally officially found out, pending any surprises lol, that the tracks Timbaland and Royal Court did for NLT are:

"She Said I Said" and...



Christina Milian "Virginity" produced by Danja

Check out one of the sickest Danja tracks I've heard in a minute by Christina Milian titled "Virginity":

And yes your ears are not deceiving you that is my girl Candice Nelson on the ad libs as well as helping to pen this Clutch track.

Lovin' this track!

The Keri Hilson Demos

In what has to be the biggest demo leak EVER, not 1 not 5 not 10 not even 20 but 26 Keri Hilson demos have leaked! They include:

- Automatic
produced by Tricky Stewart
written by Keri, Zeke, Bale'wa, Candice, & J-Que
demo for Dear Jayne
- Be Like That
produced by the Co-Stars
written by Keri, Bale'wa, % Candice
- Better
produced by Soulshock & Karlin
written by Keri & J-Que
- Big (not Keri singing)
Produced By Kwame 'K-1 Mil' Holland
Same beat as "Bite The Dust" by The Pussycat Dolls (written by Keri)
- Blind
- Cut My Hair
produced by Danja
same as Johnta Austin "Be My Shorty" & D. Brown "Ms. Secretive"
- Dem Boys
- Energy
demo performed by RaVaughn Brown F/ Rico Love
- Energy (The Motion Remix)
- First
- Friend Zone
demo for Electrik Red
- Hold On
produced by Big D
written by Keri, Zeke, Candice, & J Que
demo for Spensha Baker
- How Could You Complain
- Little Bit (Keri and Candice singing)
produced by Rich Harrison
written by Zeke, Bale'wa, Candice, & J-Que
- Love Ya
produced by Danja
written by Keri
same as the previous version
- Rock On
produced by Anthony Dent
written by Keri, Ebony Burks, & Karen Marks
- Somethin' Bout Your Love
produced by MaddScientist (not confirmed yet)
- Time Of My Life
produced by Fred Jerkins III
written by Keri, Bale'wa, & J-Que
background vox by Candice Nelson
- Too Much
produced by Danja
written by Keri, Zeke, Candice, & J-Que
demo for Keisha Chante
- Tryin' So Hard
produced by Brian Kennedy
written by Keri, TK, & Lonny Breaux
- Up Keep
produced by The Movement
demo for Paula Campbell
- Wait A Minute
produced by Kwame 'K-1 Mil' Holland
- What The World Need Take
- Wrong When You're Gone
produced by Bigg D
written by Keri, Zeke, Candice, & J-Que
demo for Jennifer Lopez/Melissa Jimenez
- You Said
written by Keri
Produced by The Underdogs & Antonio Dixon

- Late Night
performed by J Valentine F/ Keri Hilson & Bailey

Looks like someone needs to change their password ASAP. How crazy are hackers?! DAMN! heck back with The Chronicles as we are still identifying producers, additional writers, and who the demos were meant for. Just to be clear most of these demos are years old, nothing brand new.

Big props to Mr. Shearer for the info.

On the real, all of you musicians, producers, artists, etc out there change your passwords frequently, get on a rotating password schedule, and protect your music!

Update: Via Keri's Twitter: "Leaked music is such a slap in the face. Yet its kinda funny that the DEMOS were never mine & years old! Don't believe the "new music" hype."

Tech N9ne To Work With Timbaland

Well at least he wants to, take a listen:

The Fray and Timbaland

The Austrailian quartet of The Fray best known for their number one hit "How To Save A Life" are currently enjoying the unique life of touring. "The shows are pretty strange,'' laughs Joe King. "Like one show, there was hip-hoppers and and rappers and Miley Cyrus onstage. I mean, we were the only band playing instruments.'' Though they had popularity, their newest feature on Timbaland latest album has given the that extra boost. "We're trying to get out there and experiment and try working with different artists,'' King says. "The best thing is it gives you creative energy. Whether it's Timbaland or some new artist it gets a part of you going and more ideas keep coming. We're looking forward to doing more of that.''

So is being on a Timbaland album these days a PR move or all about the music?

Miley Cyrus Talks Timbaland

Never in my life would I think I would be posting news about a Miley Cyrus/Timbaland collaboration but here it is (I'm sure there's more to come):

A text hmm.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cassie "Written In The Stars" (produced by Brian Kennedy)

I might be late on this but take a listen to this apparent Danja produced demo by Cassie that was meant for Rihanna but didn't make the final cut for her album Rated R:

Sounds like Danja but I can't 100 confirm quite yet. Thoughts?

Update: This track is produced by Brian Kennedy written by the writing collective The Network. Big A to the rescue, props!

Static Major "Private Number"

Imagine where Static would be right now if he was still with us. The success of "Lollipop", his solo album ready to go, but tragically it was not to be. What we do have thankfully is plenty of his incredible music including plenty of it posthumously courtesy of those good folks over at the Static Major Is Music site. Not only have they been hooking us up with exclusive music, including plenty of never before heard Timbo, but exclusive info as well.

Such is the case with the Static track "Private Number" which turns out to be produced by none other than one of the first Timbaland proteges, Big Tank. Take a listen:

Big props to Buddha for the info!

Mel B Vs. Mel B

Here's a look at 2 videos for the same song back when the music industry was rollin' in the dough.

Which video do you prefer? More importantly which version of the track do you like better? Version 1 always wins for me with the dope Playa outro over that space aged beatswitch.

Amar Talks Timbaland

The Chronicles would like to extend a HUGE congratulations to Amar for winning a UK Asian Music Award for Best Female Act. Her album is blowing up in the UK and she has been around the world and back doing interviews, radio drops, and anything and everything to continue to get the word out abut her incredible Show It Off album.

In one of her recent interviews she talks about how she came to meet Timbaland. Check it out:

Sensaznmag: How did the whole Timbaland collaboration come about?

Amar: After my break, I was introduced to the whole Sunset team, which includes Charlie Hype (UK producer who you will be hearing much more of!) and Jim Beanz who is Timbaland’s right hand man. We did some demos together that Tim heard.
At the time, he was looking for a voice for a track he had for Shock Value, a beat that he had put together, this ended up being Bombay. I work with him regularly now, just being there when he’s working gives me the chance to get onto other project, for example I got to write on the recent track that he produced for Shakira and Lil Wayne ‘Give it Up to Me’ and also added my voice to ‘If we ever meet again’ which is Tim and Katy Perry, written and produced by Jim Beanz. He’s a hilarious character, and loyalty and team spirit means everything to him.

Sensaznmag: Timbaland actually makes a feature in your new album 'Show It Off', what's the album all about?

Amar: It’s a dream, the album. It’s an Indo-Urban and pop album, with some of the best of both the East and West. Imagine hard American beats and a real urban sound, with distinct Indian melodies, and wave after wave of talent to collaborate with and you have ‘Show It Off!’

For clarification, Timbaland was supposed to do 4 tracks for Amar's album but unfortunately due to time constraints with Shock Value II, which was in also in production at the time, Timbo didn't get on the final album. Vice versa, Amar recorded tracks for SVII but due to the album taking a different direction she was not on the final cut but have no fear we'll be hearing plenty more from her!

Congrats to the talented Amar!

Carmine Gotti Gets Timbaland

Carmine Gotti, the grandson of mobster John Gotti and star of A&E's Growing Up Gotti, is ready to branch out his skills in the music arena. "I know I'm still a young man, but I've already been fortunate enough to have lived a lifetime of incredible experiences that will allow me to reach my goals in life. To be honest, I always knew this is what I'd be doing, and I'm finally ready to share my experiences with my fans in lyrical form."

Under the tutelage of Dee Dean's, of Ruff Ryders Entertainment, Gotti plans to releases his tentatively self titled Carmine Gotti album this spring under Dee's new imprint, Left Field Productions. For the album Gotti is currently working with Swizz Beats, Timbaland, Tony Sunshine, and Chris Brown and be on the lookout for the singles "Jealous" and "Love." In Gotti's own words, "Music is a part of who I am. My whole life I've been surrounded by incredible, artistic things that have been a tremendous part of my lineage and my culture, from Michelangelo to Da Vinci and everything in between, but I still believe that music is the greatest art form. The only thing more powerful than supporting something is contributing to it. Music has given me so much, and now it's time for me to give back."

Now come on. For real?? You can take this story 2 ways, A. Bullshit B. Money can buy you anything.

"Miscommunication" The Music Video

I'm sure you all have already seen this but just in case here's one of the oddest videos I have ever seen. The "live" dubbed version of "Miscommunication" with the whole crew except.....the man who produced the track Danja!

Timbaland Featuring Kerri Hilson from UX ENTERTAINMENT GROUP on Vimeo.

My favorite parts are when they cut to Freestyle scratching on the tables when there's no scratching whatsoever in the song. Random....but still the best track on SV I.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sebastian Interview

Check out this 3 part Sebastian radio interview with 101.3 in Boston where he talks about his long awaited album Cruel Intentions, his history in the game, and the age old questions about Timbo:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

So cool to see G get his shine!

Nine Inch Nails Vs. Timbaland

Throughout the years Timbaland has said that he always looked at Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails as an inspiration and someone he wanted to work with. Well it looked like last year Timo's wish finally came true! Who picked up the Nine Inch Nails album Strobe Light produced entirely by Timbaland from last year? The tracklisting looks incredible:

1. intro skit
2. everybody's doing it (featuring chris martin, jay-z AND bono)
3. black t-shirt
4. pussygrinder (featuring sheryl crow)
5. coffin on the dancefloor
6. this rhythm is infected
7. slide to the dark side
8. even closer (featuring justin timberlake and maynard james keenan)
9. on the list (she's not)
10. clap trap crack slap
11. laid, paid and played (featuring fergie of the black eyed peas and al jourgensen)
12. feel like being dead again
13. still hurts (featuring alicia keys)
14. outro skit

If you haven't yet make sure you order it via NIN's website. Ish is bangin'!

Ok Ok the gig is up, as most of you may knew this was Reznor's idea of a great April Fools joke (that worked) and a way to continue to jab Timbaland for the music he's been creating the last few years. Reznor was not a fan of the Chris Cornell project and didn't mince words last year with the rocker via Twitter. Well what's interesting is Timbo and Trent have worked before quite some time ago but even then Reznor was not having it. Read for yourself:

In the case of Cornell, I don’t know Chris. I do know what label he’s on now, and I do know who’s whispering in his ear. And heavily on the With Teeth album, I turned that record in and I would get back, "Hey you know, you might wanna… maybe we need to put some beats on this record."

I’m not making this up. "What do you mean, beats?"

"Well, this urban thing is really taking off. You’ll get it in the club. You know, what if we had Dre or somebody…"

And the part of me that wants to be the open-minded artist says, "I’ll consider that." I even went so far as Timbaland doing a-- trying to do a-- remix at Interscope’s dime of "Hand That Feeds", which was laughably terrible. And when I turned in Year Zero, which I thought had the coolest beats I’ve ever come up with, I hear "Yeah, we need some cool beats." It’s like, "You know what? Suck me."

And I’m sure there was someone whispering in Cornell’s [ear] and he can put that off as some kind of socio-cultural experiment, but what it was was a money grab. And when you do that, you’re saying to other people that look up to you [that] it’s okay to do that. And it’s not okay to do that. It isn’t.

Ouch! Doesn't look like we'll ever get music from these two.

Timbaland On HIs Chad Kroeger & Drake Collabos

Timbaland, along with many other major artists from around the world, is a fan of Nickelback. Hard to believe considering the group is panned by critics and most other musicians. Yet Timbo is a fan and when it came to creating Shock Value II he was determined to work with at least the lead singer, Chad on a track. In a recent interview in Toronto, Timbaland asked Chad to be on "Tomorrow In A Bottle" and got a "very easy yes" along with offering praise to the group, "I just love Nickelback's music. That's why I reached out to Chad."

And as for Drake, Timbo sent the MC a track based on "his voice, his tone" as "it just sounded like his type of style." Timbo also elaborated on how he thinks Drake got so successful so quickly, "everything is timing, maybe it was the right timing, he popped up at the right time."

Who Produced It Better? Timbaland or Missy Part III

Here we have the 3rd Missy produced demo for what later became a Timbaland beat, the amazing "She's A Bitch" take a listen:

Could you imagine if Missy's version was released? It pales in comparison to the final Timbo version.

And here's a look back on the other 2 Missy produced demos that we know of so fat that became Timbo beats:

"He Be Back"

"Get Contact"

Let's be very thankful the 2 are a team and that they both create the final beat!

Asher Roth "Cumbaya"

As expected the "new" Asther Rooth Timbaland produced track is a recycled LL Cool J beat from 2001, one "Feel The Beat." Here take a listen:


This shouldn't come as any surprise considering Asher's first mixtape, The Greenhouse Effect had 1 "Timbaland" produced track and 2 "Danja" produced tracks which were also recycled from earlier. They are:

-"Morning Do" aka "Bounce"
-"Demonic" aka "Break The Ice"
-"Gimmie Your Box" aka "Gimmie More"

If you're an Asher Roth fan, as I am, download the complete mixtapeSeared Foie Gras w/ Quince & Cranberry here

New Frankie J, Claude Kelly, & Danja "Angel Without Wings"

The 2007 sessions between the killer trio of Frankie J, Claude Kelly, and Danja has sprung a leak again with the track "Angel Without Wings." Take a listen to the newest leak over at a DanjaHandz Blog.

We've heard a lot from these 3 through the years but let's sum up the tracks we know of so we're all on the same page. So far we got:

"Angels Without Wings" -demo for Menudo
"Tears" -demo for Menudo
"Magic" or "Magic Hands" -demo for Christina Milian
"Runway" -originally meant for Christina Milan but later recorded by Asia Cruise F/ Colby O'Donis
"Jealous" -demo for ??
"Untitled Love Song" demo for ??

Make sure you explore the Danja blog as there is a lot of new and interesting Danja beats for various artists.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Brandy "I'm A Believer" & "Who's The Loser Now"

Uh oh looks like another leak has sprung in Brandy and Timbaland treasure chest. 3 years ago it was the James Fauntleroy demos all in one week and today we got the completed version of "Home."

But wait there's more....

2 more Brandy demos are here! Take a listen to:

"Who's The Loser Now"

"I'm A Believer" (sounds like it was created during the same sessions as Chris Cornell's "Scream")

Wow! Brandy killed the vocals! With Brandy and Timbo the rule of thumb seems to be the less Timbo singing the better. Your thoughts?

Only one Faunteleroy/Timbaland track to go "Let's Do It."

Props to Buddha!

Keri Hilson "Greenlight" (Demo)

Here's a long awaited track by Keri Hilson titled "Greenlight" produced by Polow with Candice Nelson on background and adlibs.

Keri Hilson "Greenlight"

Written by The Clutch: Keri, Zeke, Que, and Candice. Not Timbo I know but still a cool track.

Writers Props to Luke of The Keepers.

Update: This track is a demo for what was more than likely its original purpose which was to go to an R&B artist. The track probably didn't get picked up, Polow kept it in the vaults, and then decided to give it to Fabo (or Fabo liked what he heard) with Lloyd handling the singing part as it was meant for.

Brisco Street Medicine Coming Soon

Florida's own Brisco will finally be releasing his highly anticiipated album Street Medicine on April 20 barring no further delays. The album will be released via Cash Money Records/Poe Bo Entertainment with features by Flo Rida, Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Young Berg, and Waka Flocka Flam to name a few. In addition there will be production by Red Spyda, Young Hollywood, J Rock, and Timbaland who apparently personally asked to be a part of the project. "Timbaland hears it. He knows. You can ask the best of the best like Wayne and Busta Rhymes who've heard me and they know I'm that boy who got next." says Brisco. He describes the album asa mix of "club tracks, sex tracks and religious tracks" with "lyrics based on real life experiences."

Let's hope we get a banger from Timmy!

"Talk That" the 3rd version?

First we had the Timbaland F/ T-Pain "Talk That" demo version and the burning question was who is this song for? Then came what we thought was the final version that included who the song must be for Missy Elliott, the Timbaland F/ T-Pain and Missy Elliott version. Must be a left over from Shock Value II right? Yep case closed.

Or is it?

Turns out that there's another version out there that includes Akon which makes you wonder maybe this track is meant for the long delayed "new" album from Missy Block Party. Take a listen to Akon's part:

Let's hope we get all of them on the final version!

Update: I was reminded of Freestyle Steve's Upstream where he played the Akon version, the Lil' Wayne version, as well as the reference for what later became "Venus Vs. Mars."

Mariah Carey Gets Canceled

Looks like we'll never hear the HQ version of Mariah's Timbaland produced "Skydiving" as it was announced today that her newest album Angels Advocate has been canceled. Not delayed but 100% canceled. Damn! Her Mariah Journal (lol!) says: "[We are] able to confirm that the Angels Advocate album, a Remixed edition of Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel will not be released.

Apparently though, singles from the album will be released and will "not go to waste."

Too bad...

Brandy "Home"

Finally after a long wait we have the full version of Brandy's "Home"! Take a listen:

2 down and 2 to go! I actually prefer James Fauntleroy's version. Your thoughts?

Timbaland to Update the Bee Gees

Say it ain't so! It's being reported that American Idol's own Simon Cowell wants to remake the classic 70s film "Saturday Night Live" and is looking to buy the rights as soon as possible. He wants to cast Zac Efron in the lead John Travolta character and is tapping none other than Timbaland to produce the movie soundtrack which is one of the most successful soundtracks of all time staying atop the charts for a staggering 24 weeks.

A source says "Simon has been looking into buying the rights for years and opened discussions with Robert about the remake. The charm offensive has been in full swing and they made a breakthrough over the last couple of weeks. Robert was keen to get some assurances the original wouldn't be completely butchered before he agreed to the deal. Simon has been drawing up a list of people he wants to get involved. When that meets Robert's expectations, the contracts will be signed."

Now take this news with a BIG grain of salt as it is being reported by the UK tabloaid (I stress tabloaid) The Sun

Stay tuned!

James Fauntleroy & The Mysterious Female "Ahh"

Speaking of Brandy, Fauntleroy, and Timbaland, I will admit of all those demos that leaked late 2008, "Back Together" was always my favorite. Loved the beat, loved the vocals, but what really did it for me was the same "HEY!" sample from Missy's "Smooth Chick" (one of my favorite Timbo tracks). Can you name that sample?

The other intriguing aspect of this demo is that it's the only one of the leaked 5 that has a female on background which makes me think it is the only one that wasn't meant for Brandy. "Home", "I'm A Believer", "Who's The Loser Now", and "Drum Life" are all confirmed Brandy tracks (trust me) but "Back Together" has yet to be confirmed. Why use a female when Fauntleroy himself could have easily sung those parts himself? Hmmm...

Speaking of female backgrounds, ever wonder who is singing those "Ahhs" and such on "Back Together"? Of course I always did. Immediately I assumed it was Keri but as it turns out it's a Pussycat, none other than Nicole Scherzinger.

So the questions still stands, who was "Back Together" meant for. Hopefully we'll be able to answer that question soon!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Interpolation? Sample? of the Week

In what I hope sparks some discussion and debate I thought we'd revisit a Timbaland track whose sample has long been discussed and spoken about. Omarion's "Icebox" and the famous piano melody. Most people say it's from a video game whether it be some level on Zelda, the soundtrack of Chrono Trigger, or an old school Batman game and all agree Timbo, or rather King in this case, interpolated what they heard when creating the piano melody.

Well I stumbled on a track that could be considered hard evidence for at least the interpolation for the infamous melody. Take a listen:

Hear it? So what do you think, did Timbo and King get their inspiration from this track?

No Timbaland on Nelly Furtado's Lifestyle

Well despite reports and lots of excitement, there will be no Timbaland on Nelly Furtado's upcoming album Lifestyle. While on tour in South America, she gave an interview with a Brazilian media outlet and said the following:

On Timbaland: "We’ve been friends for over ten years, we have that type of cosmic connection. I don’t have him on my new album, but we’ll surely work together again."

On her new album: "I can say is that its a combination of my other four albums. It has hip-hop, reggae, love songs. The funny thing is, after recording and making tours in spanish, my vocals are stronger."

Maybe we'll get a cool remix!

Keith Urban "Kiss A Girl" (Timbaland Remix)

As we know Verizon hooked up Keith Urban and Timbaland on the Verizon sponsored "No Frills" concert series last year. Reports were that Urban recorded a couple of tracks with Timbo including a track for Shock Value II and another unknown track for the Verizon V Cast Timbaland series. Well as it turns out the track is a remix to Urban's hit "Kiss A Girl" here read on:

Verizon Wireless said today [April 2009 lol] the anxiously awaited final song in its exclusive series is now available first to customers using the BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphone from Research In Motion (RIM). Fans can now enjoy an exclusive version of Keith Urban’s new hit, “Kiss A Girl,” recorded earlier this month on the Verizon Mobile Recording Studio Bus during Urban’s Verizon VIP tour. “Kiss A Girl” is the second single off Urban’s new album, Defying Gravity, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. This song, which joins three other tracks produced by Timbaland, Verizon’s Mobile Producer In Residence, completes the series that is offered for a limited time exclusively to Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Storm customers.

“There is something about Timbaland’s spirit, rhythmically it’s really tribal, it resonates with me and evidently a lot of other people,” said Keith Urban.

Verizon Wireless has been working with Timbaland together with other top artists on the Verizon Mobile Recording Studio Bus over the past few months to create tracks for BlackBerry Storm customers of Rihanna’s “Rehab,” Jonas Brothers’ “Tonight,” and Chris Cornell’s “Stop Me.”


Calling all Timbo/Verizon users: who's got a Blackberry Storm and can get us this track!? Let us know!

Timbo on "Flash Forward"

Do you catch it last night?

Timbaland Is A "Genius"

Something you can always rely on during most Timbaland interviews is that he'll mention retiring or that he's a genius and true to form in the latest UK Times interview with Timbo he doesn't disappoint. Here are the highlights:

“I mean, what can you ask of genius?” Mosley wonders, totally straightfaced, of attempts to analyse his creative prowess. “Nothing. You just get into his head and into his brain, see what you think and see how you translate it. But asking me what I think about it, I’m just doing a piece of work.”

“I’m definitely a risk-taker with my music. I like to challenge the new sounds. If I can challenge whatever’s out, then I’m good,” he summarises. “My style is to take something unexpected and make it into a hit. That’s what I do.” Admitting that he constantly hears music in his head — “I have ideas whirring around all the time” — he collects sounds and ideas from all over the world. “I listen to a lot of weird music. I go to India, yeah,” he says. “I know Indian people, I know somebody in every culture. I go overseas and gather my sound.”

For his latest album, Shock Value II, Mosley has gathered inspiration from all manner of unexpected places. “It was born out of the dark, ’cos I like vampire movies. It was Twilight and True Blood.” He also enjoys cartoons, nodding toward the muted television, tuned into a children’s channel. “My kids watch them all day,” he grins. “SpongeBob is pretty cool.”

. “I’m not trying to work too much longer,” he says. “I’m trying to relax and enjoy my old age.” He has threatened retirement before, and never managed to stick to it. “I want to sit back and keep collecting the cheques. I don’t want to get just one cheque from music; I want to collect multiple cheques. It’s called strategising, and that’s how I’m a-get it,” he explains.

Full Interview

This interview makes you wonder, especially when listening to (and noticing the features on) both Shock Value I & II, is Timbaland creating music for the love of music or just to collect checks? What do you think?

Trey and Timbo

Just months after releasing his Grammy nominated, gold certified album Ready, Trey Songz will is planning on getting some studio time with B Cox, Pharrell, Troy Taylor, and Timbaland.

"I'm trying to make sure I have an album out ASAP," Songz told MTV recently. "I wanna use the same recipe I've been using. If anybody is added, it'll be for real purpose. I spoke to Pharrell. I told him I'm getting in, Timbaland as well — both huge Virginian-grown producers. I definitely would love to work with them. But Troy Taylor I've been working with since the beginning of my career. Plus Bryan-Michael Cox I've had a couple hits with. I definitely wanna make sure we use the same chemistry."

I'd definitely be interested in Songz's voice over a stuttering slow jam by Timbo.

Timbaland Becomes A Lunatic

Officials at the Missouri Bureau of Health have released an early warning for the September's release of Nelly's St. Lunacy album, which is said to cause "Head-banging, jean popping, and general craziness." The record, which features production by Trackmasters and Timbaland, among others, has been diagnosed as a level 3 threat, capable of spreading among large urban populaces and affecting music listeners nationwide. "The beats are off the richter scale," states OMBH president Paul Fersor, "and the hooks are infectiotous. They can be spread through casual contact, say from a radio station or a friend's mixtape."

Doctors in the St. Louis area have already given reports of patients reacting to the street-drug version of Nelly's album, a mixtape that's said to elicit the spreading of thighs and the waving of hands in the air. "It's particularly effective among those participating in unprotected sex and using illegal narcotics. They're the primary demographic we've been treating," states Dr. Jazzyside, owner of a North City Clinic. "Nelly's ill. The St. Lunatic's are ill. At this point, the whole city of St. Louis is just ill, son."

Hope we get infected!

Mariah Carey Drops "Angel's Advocate"

Though it's been talked about for awhile now and pushed back even more than that, but it looks like we'll finally be getting the long awaited Mariah Carey "remix" album Angel's Advocate which includes production by Tricky Stewart, The Dream, Jermaine Dupri, and Timbaland. Mariah in the past has said "there will be more than one Timbaland track and at least one J.D. track." Of course all fingers point to "Skydiving" being one of those Timbaland and we're hopeful for another.

Angel's Advocate will be available March 30 exclusively through Target and iTunes but is expected to receive a full international release throughout March and April 2010.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Danja Preps for 2010

Though we haven't heard all that much from Danja recently except for the new Usher joint that doesn't mean dude isn't crazy busy. He tweeted the latest artists he's been working with:

Danja: Hmm..let's tip,new diddy dirty money,new brit,new jlo,new usher,new keri,new kevin cossom,new luke james,new the cab,new weezer,

What else...plenty more can't name it all...and a few suprises..New NARS!!! Were working pls beleedat. Never stop..can't wait to release it

That's a whole lotta music commin' our way! Looking forward to the Weezer/Danja collabo.

Timbaland gets 2 number 1s!

Congratulations to Timbaland as "Say Somethings" became the number one song on both the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Rap Songs charts this week. Both are a first for Timbaland with his previous best being #4 for "Up Jumps Da Boogie" on the R&B/Hip-Hop Song chart back in 1997 and #9 on the Rap Songs chart as a feature on The Lox's "Ryde or Die Chick" (big ups to Brian Kidd) back in 2000.

On the regular Top 100 charts, "Carry Out" moved up 4 spots to grab the #11 position and "Say Something" also moved up 4 spots to the #23 position.

Congrats Timbo!!

Timbaland On Most Viewed Videos List

Just a little trivia for you in case you didn't already know. To date, One Republic's "Apologize" music video F/ Timbaland (no not the other way around despite the credits) is the 6th most viewed online video (not music video) EVER!

It's the 10th most watched video on youtube with 83,500,000 million views. Damn!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Timbaland Breaks Down Shock Value II

I'm sure most of you have already seen this video of Timbaland discussing Shock Value II track by track but for those of you who haven't check it out:

Timbaland - Album Track by track
Uploaded by Timbaland. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Travis Garland working with Danja

Travis Garland, former member of NLT, has begun recording his solo album including some studio time with Danja. Here's his announcement via his website:

people keep asking me about the progress of my record. when will they hear new songs, what’s going on with the project.. etc.

right now i’m locked down in the studio hard at work writing & recording the record. i won’t reveal the title just yet, but i will tell you that it’s being produced by the genius known as Danja (the man behind songs like Gimme More, Knock You Down & SexyBack). i couldn’t be more stoked about the way the stuff is turning out. it should be done soon.we’re close! can’t wait for you guys to hear. until then..


Monday, March 15, 2010

Why No Clipse and TImbaland?

Though they grew up in the same city, crossed paths as youths, and were said to be working together on the last Clipse album, we still have never heard a Clipse/Timbo collabo. Why? Hear for yourself:

Timbaland On Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Live

Madonna's hugely successful Sticky And Sweet Tour will be coming to an mp3 player near you as the best of the best tracks will be released as an LP via iTunes on March 26. Here's the official tracklisting:

01 Candy Shop Medley (Live)
02 Beat Goes On Medley (feat. Kanye West) [Live]
03 Human Nature (Live)
04 Vogue 2008 (Live)
05 Heartbeat (Live) [Bonus Track]
06 Borderline (Live) [Bonus Track]
07 She's Not Me (Live)
08 Music 2008 (Live)
09 Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (Live)
10 Spanish Lesson (Live)
11 La Isla Bonita 2008 (Live)
12 You Must Love Me (Live)
13 Get Stupid Medley (Live)
14 4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland) [Live] {Bonus Track}
15 Like a Prayer 2008 (Live)
16 Ray of Light (Live) [Bonus Track]
17 Give It 2 Me (Live)

So for all you live version fans make sure to cop that disc!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update on Hayes' First 48

Ok so who's excited to see what Dr. Dre and Timbaland have in store for the newest up and coming Detroit city MC, Hayes? I know I am despite Tim's latest retirement from hip hop late last year. Well Hayes sat down with and gave the latest on his new album First 48: So this First 48 album, is this really 48 joints on here, do I understand that correctly?

Hayes: Yea, that’s why it’s called First 48. n***as think I’m trying to bite off the show or I’m gonna kill them in 48 hrs or something. No n***a its 48 songs. I don’t know why n***as are diggin into it so deep So tell me about your album that you’re working on, more about the First 48, I know that’s done but tell me about some of the songs you are working on.

Hayes: We already have started some recording on it. I just got off tour with Timbaland, the Shock Value 2 Tour. Me and Timbaland are about to start working on the album. We was working on the studio bus being on the road. Tried to find a few times to work with Dre in between the tour dates. So is there an expected release date for the album?

Hayes: Ummm… Were working. Tim and Dre planned to do something early in the year. They’re both going to bring their A game. That’s the only f**king game they play. So you know what I’m saying? I don’t think that there’s any competition in my lane and I feel free.

Full Interview

48 tracks could you imagine? 24 each. I bet they'll be a good 20+ with a large chunk being interludes. What do you all think, an updated Chairmen of the Boards?

Nelly Furtado Enlists Timbaland To Help Her Lifestyle

Mark your calendars for May 25th as that is the rumored date for Nelly Furtado's latest album tentatively called Lifestyle. Producers include Tiesto, Ryan Tedder, Salaam Remi, and her 2007 global takeover partner Timbo!

Will Nelly and Tim create a new sound as they did in '07? Will the studio speakers catch fire again this time around? Looks like we'll have to wait and see.

Playa and Timbaland at the ASCAP

Check out this very Rare Reel of them Playa boys and Timbo at the ASCAP Awards provided by the team at Static Major Is Music:

Also be sure to check out their interview with Truth Hurts where she discusses the Timbo track "Real."

Timbo Gets A TV Gig

Timbaland the producer and soon Timbaland the actor? Could be! Check out Tim's TV acting debut this Thursday at 8PM on the ABC series FlashForward. Word is the cameo is ultra quick but hey something is better than nothing.

Check it out...

Monday, March 8, 2010

MTV Thailand likes Timbaland

Don't we all though...

MTV Thailand Featured Artist Timbaland from mconnect on Vimeo.

Who is Walter Milsap III?

Ever wonder who Walter Milsap III is? You've seen his name in liner notes as a writer for multiple Timbo tracks usually with his partner in crime Candice Nelson. Well there's much more to Walter than just his writing, check it out:

That's right, Walter is a student of Tim in many regards.

Currently, not only is Walter managing the uber talented M$ney, he also has a new group called Mindless Behavior who are definitely making a big time name for themselves.

On top of all that Walter is currently touring with none other than Lady Gaga serving as her bassist and music director. Dude never sleeps!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Throwback: Ms. Jade Speaks on Girl Interrupted Timbaland talks JD

Check it out:

and check the freestlye

Daaaamn I miss her!

Keri Hilson at the NAACP Awards

Keri Hilson "She Ain't Me"

Yes finally the track has leaked! We've been waiting for it awhile now. Produced by the one and only Brian Kidd and written by that Notorious C.L.U.T.C.H crew of Candice Neslon, J Que, Zeke, and Keri.

Brian Kidd really knows how to flip a sample. Don't sleep on the Kidd!! Dope song!

Clarification on Keri Hilson's "The Ring"

Just in case there was any doubt, now we have the official word on this unofficial Keri Hilson track:

"The Ring"
Produced by Timbaland and Danja
Writen by Keri Hilson and Jim Beanz

There you have it....

Monica Steals New Missy Tracks?

Could it be, Missy in 2010? Let's hope so! Even the dope site is on hiatus (hang in there guys!). Well it seems like Monica not only heard some of Missy's new album but wanted a couple for herself. The "Still Standin'" songbird says of Missy's new album "“She’s working really hard on it. She’s got some crazy music on there, some stuff I was trying to steal for my record. I got a couple of things that she let me take, but she’s working really hard on [her album].”

"Crazy music" as in some crazy Timbo beats?! If only....

Until then we'll just have to continue the waiting game. Be sure to check Monica's single "Everything To Me" as well as additional Miss Miss productions on her upcoming album. “Missy is big on my album. She’s been big on the last three,” Monica said. “I think I realized that she and I had this chemistry when she called me and told me to fly to Miami tonight for a real good reason. And when I walked in the studio, she was playing ‘So Gone.’ She doesn’t even tell me anything, she just knows.”

*fingers crossed*

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Timbaland stops by Bahrain

Seems like someone is gearing up for a huge international mini tour. Before Timbo hits The Philippines on March 27, he'll be doing a show in Bahrain with Sean Kingston, Flo Rida, and Arab singer Hussein Al Jasmi. The show will be part of the festivities for the inaugural race of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship 60th anniversary season.

The concerts will be taking place at Bahrain International Circuit’s facilities and will be free for those in possession of a 3 day ticket.

First there was the WWF and now this! Go Timbo!

Amar Show It Off Credits

Amar's album came in the mail today and I thought I'd share the credits for all you CD liner freaks like me. They are:

1. Loye Loye (C. Hype, M. Singh, A. Dhanjan)
Produced by Charlie Hype,
Additional production by Mangal Singh

2. Bombay Billionaire (J. Beanz, S. Nigam, A. Dhanjan)
Produced by Jim Beanz

3. Sajana (Pyar Ka Pehra) (S. Mahadevan, J. Beanz)
Produced by Jim Beanz

4. See Me Girl F/ Apache Indian (J. Beanz, A. Indian, A. Dhanjan)
Produced by Jim Beanz and Shankar Eshaan & Loy

5. Show It Off F/ Rebel (C. Hype, A. Dhanjan, D. Butler)
Produced by Charlie Hype

6. Manga F/El Feco (C. Hype, A. Dhanjan, E. Feco)
Produced by Charlie Hype

7. Masala F/ Jim Beanz and D.O.E (J. Beanz, A. Dhanjan, D.O.E)
Produced by Jim Beanz

8. Dil Ruba (Dr. S. Gupta, J. Beanz)
Produced by Jim Beanz and Charlie Hype

9.Saajan (C. Hype, Dr. S. Gupta)
Produced by Charlie Hype

10. Teri Bahon (C. Hype, Dr. S. Gupta)
Produced by Charlie Hype

11. Tonight F/ Cavan (C. Hype, A. Dhanjan, Cavan)
Produced by Charlie Hype

12. Deewana (Mera Dil Deewana) 15F/ Mangal Singh (C. Hype, M. Singh, A. Dhanjan)
Produced by Charlie Hype
Background Vocals by Jim Beanz

13.Dekhna Tumko Tarse Naina (J. Beanz, A. Dhanjan)
Produced by Jim Beanz

14. Jaana Hai Humne Yeh Kyun F/ Kufie & Cavan (C. Hype, A. Dhanjan, MC Kofi, Cavan)
Produced by Charlie Hype

15. Loye Loye (Electro Dance Mix)
Remixed by E.K. Ink

16. Teri Bahon (Rock Mix)
Remixed by E.K. Ink

17. Chup Chupke F/ Rebel (C. Hype, A. Dhanjan, D. Butler)
Produced by Charlie Hype

Definitely a dope album and it's great to see Amar embraced by so many fans across the world. So if you haven't yet, grab a 10 spot, go online or go into your local record, and COP THAT DISC!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Timbaland Invades The Philippines

Timbaland will be heading over to Manila for a show on March 27, 2010 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds with guest stars JoJo and Justin Timberlake. In addition, Timbo will be stopping by radio station U92(92.3) to help launch it's inaugural broadcast on March 26. Tickets on sale now at Ticketworld at 891-9999 (not sure the area and international codes sorry).

Get ready Manila!

Timbaland to work with Pixie Lott

Perhaps this is already known news but British pop star Pixie Lott is hoping to get a little taste of Timbaland on her next album. Signed to Mercury Records in the UK and Interscope records in the U.S., the singer is looking to released her debut U.S. album Turn It Up soon. So how did she hook up with Timbo? Sounds like fate as she was recordning in a Los Angelses studio, Timbaland just happened to be at the same studio, walked by her session, liked what he heard, and the rest is hopefully going to be history.

She says "I've had a meeting with Timbaland which is really exciting. I'm busy recording new material and it seems America is going to happen in a big way."

Let's hope it works out!

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