Thursday, March 18, 2010

Danja Preps for 2010

Though we haven't heard all that much from Danja recently except for the new Usher joint that doesn't mean dude isn't crazy busy. He tweeted the latest artists he's been working with:

Danja: Hmm..let's tip,new diddy dirty money,new brit,new jlo,new usher,new keri,new kevin cossom,new luke james,new the cab,new weezer,

What else...plenty more can't name it all...and a few suprises..New NARS!!! Were working pls beleedat. Never stop..can't wait to release it

That's a whole lotta music commin' our way! Looking forward to the Weezer/Danja collabo.


  1. dammmmmmmm yo danja is workinnnnn!!!! here i am thinkin this nigga fell off! wowwwwww tim should learn from this nigga! thats how tim should be doing! working on all the upcoming cds! if he did then he would rule the radio once againnnn!!! cuz evrybody wants tim as a single! anyways GO DANJAAA!!!

  2. he has also done 1 or 2 songs with christina aguilera for her upcoming movie.

  3. hey boogie if you got any new brian kidd stuff feel free too share i never even seen a pic of him. is he black or white? lmao

  4. Danja and tim are main rivals now. both fell off big time last year which was a sghame

  5. Brian Kidd is black. The last thing he released was a "City Love" for Priscilla Renea's debut on Capitol Records


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