Friday, March 19, 2010

Timbaland Is A "Genius"

Something you can always rely on during most Timbaland interviews is that he'll mention retiring or that he's a genius and true to form in the latest UK Times interview with Timbo he doesn't disappoint. Here are the highlights:

“I mean, what can you ask of genius?” Mosley wonders, totally straightfaced, of attempts to analyse his creative prowess. “Nothing. You just get into his head and into his brain, see what you think and see how you translate it. But asking me what I think about it, I’m just doing a piece of work.”

“I’m definitely a risk-taker with my music. I like to challenge the new sounds. If I can challenge whatever’s out, then I’m good,” he summarises. “My style is to take something unexpected and make it into a hit. That’s what I do.” Admitting that he constantly hears music in his head — “I have ideas whirring around all the time” — he collects sounds and ideas from all over the world. “I listen to a lot of weird music. I go to India, yeah,” he says. “I know Indian people, I know somebody in every culture. I go overseas and gather my sound.”

For his latest album, Shock Value II, Mosley has gathered inspiration from all manner of unexpected places. “It was born out of the dark, ’cos I like vampire movies. It was Twilight and True Blood.” He also enjoys cartoons, nodding toward the muted television, tuned into a children’s channel. “My kids watch them all day,” he grins. “SpongeBob is pretty cool.”

. “I’m not trying to work too much longer,” he says. “I’m trying to relax and enjoy my old age.” He has threatened retirement before, and never managed to stick to it. “I want to sit back and keep collecting the cheques. I don’t want to get just one cheque from music; I want to collect multiple cheques. It’s called strategising, and that’s how I’m a-get it,” he explains.

Full Interview

This interview makes you wonder, especially when listening to (and noticing the features on) both Shock Value I & II, is Timbaland creating music for the love of music or just to collect checks? What do you think?

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  1. Checks. I don't hear anything inspired about his current music.


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