Monday, March 29, 2010

Dity Money F/ T.I. 'Hello Good Morning"

Check out the Diddy trio Dirty Money's 1st single "Hello Good Morning" produced by Danja:

Look out for Dirty Money's performance (and hopefully T.I.) of the song this Wednesday on American Idol. Damn Danja got the first single DOPE!

If you're not a fan of the mixing, don't worry Ms. Lago did not do the mix on this particular version. Hopefully her mix will be on the final album.


  1. Damn. Tim really needs to step his game up if he wants to make the final cut for "Last Train to Paris".haha

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  3. yep, 1st single was "Angels" & 2nd was "Love Come Down".

    as usual...The beat is crazy, but the beat-switch tops that. it's even crazier!! lol
    Hope we gonna get our hands on the Danjstrumental soon!

    And that orchestral outro really reminds me on the intro of Usher's "So Many Girls".

  4. There's nothing wrong with the mix. Dope beat(s).

  5. that's a real slap in the face for timbo!

  6. One of the few things i found weak about Danja productions is the drums.
    This one is a good example, as usual Danja use quite weak drums.

    Only if the melody is relly addictive (Ex.We takin over), his songs are quickly forgotten. On the Timbaland/Danja productions,
    you would notice that Tim generally make sure that the percussion is on point
    (Some execptions like 'He'll be back' - JLo occurs)

    But great track ! I like it.
    It contrast well with the euro sound or Polow da don productions that is prominent right now.

  7. It's not that his drums are weak. Danja lately has deliberately used these sets of drums and drum patterns as it best suits the melody. Me personally, I dont always like to hear producers just using thumping drums, they got to mix it up more and Danja as much as Timbo are the most versatile when it comes to that. If you listen to "So Many Girls" the drums/kicks are on point similar to what you hear on "SexyBack". Now ofcourse, Timbo is the master with the drums, the way he makes them overlap along with different patterns and variety, giving them a more thumping noise and more bounce. Danja not as good but I heard his drums when they have been on point on great speakers and you can tell Timbo has improved him in that department. I must also stress the need not to listen to his beats on laptops..never does these tracks any justice.

  8. I like the drums on this track. They're appropriate for the song.


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