Monday, March 22, 2010

James Fauntleroy & The Mysterious Female "Ahh"

Speaking of Brandy, Fauntleroy, and Timbaland, I will admit of all those demos that leaked late 2008, "Back Together" was always my favorite. Loved the beat, loved the vocals, but what really did it for me was the same "HEY!" sample from Missy's "Smooth Chick" (one of my favorite Timbo tracks). Can you name that sample?

The other intriguing aspect of this demo is that it's the only one of the leaked 5 that has a female on background which makes me think it is the only one that wasn't meant for Brandy. "Home", "I'm A Believer", "Who's The Loser Now", and "Drum Life" are all confirmed Brandy tracks (trust me) but "Back Together" has yet to be confirmed. Why use a female when Fauntleroy himself could have easily sung those parts himself? Hmmm...

Speaking of female backgrounds, ever wonder who is singing those "Ahhs" and such on "Back Together"? Of course I always did. Immediately I assumed it was Keri but as it turns out it's a Pussycat, none other than Nicole Scherzinger.

So the questions still stands, who was "Back Together" meant for. Hopefully we'll be able to answer that question soon!

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  1. so i assume Nicole's "zoo" was first and they just reused her background vocals for "back together"!?


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