Friday, March 19, 2010

Keith Urban "Kiss A Girl" (Timbaland Remix)

As we know Verizon hooked up Keith Urban and Timbaland on the Verizon sponsored "No Frills" concert series last year. Reports were that Urban recorded a couple of tracks with Timbo including a track for Shock Value II and another unknown track for the Verizon V Cast Timbaland series. Well as it turns out the track is a remix to Urban's hit "Kiss A Girl" here read on:

Verizon Wireless said today [April 2009 lol] the anxiously awaited final song in its exclusive series is now available first to customers using the BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphone from Research In Motion (RIM). Fans can now enjoy an exclusive version of Keith Urban’s new hit, “Kiss A Girl,” recorded earlier this month on the Verizon Mobile Recording Studio Bus during Urban’s Verizon VIP tour. “Kiss A Girl” is the second single off Urban’s new album, Defying Gravity, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. This song, which joins three other tracks produced by Timbaland, Verizon’s Mobile Producer In Residence, completes the series that is offered for a limited time exclusively to Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Storm customers.

“There is something about Timbaland’s spirit, rhythmically it’s really tribal, it resonates with me and evidently a lot of other people,” said Keith Urban.

Verizon Wireless has been working with Timbaland together with other top artists on the Verizon Mobile Recording Studio Bus over the past few months to create tracks for BlackBerry Storm customers of Rihanna’s “Rehab,” Jonas Brothers’ “Tonight,” and Chris Cornell’s “Stop Me.”


Calling all Timbo/Verizon users: who's got a Blackberry Storm and can get us this track!? Let us know!


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