Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Frankie J, Claude Kelly, & Danja "Angel Without Wings"

The 2007 sessions between the killer trio of Frankie J, Claude Kelly, and Danja has sprung a leak again with the track "Angel Without Wings." Take a listen to the newest leak over at a DanjaHandz Blog.

We've heard a lot from these 3 through the years but let's sum up the tracks we know of so we're all on the same page. So far we got:

"Angels Without Wings" -demo for Menudo
"Tears" -demo for Menudo
"Magic" or "Magic Hands" -demo for Christina Milian
"Runway" -originally meant for Christina Milan but later recorded by Asia Cruise F/ Colby O'Donis
"Jealous" -demo for ??
"Untitled Love Song" demo for ??

Make sure you explore the Danja blog as there is a lot of new and interesting Danja beats for various artists.

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