Monday, March 22, 2010

Brandy "I'm A Believer" & "Who's The Loser Now"

Uh oh looks like another leak has sprung in Brandy and Timbaland treasure chest. 3 years ago it was the James Fauntleroy demos all in one week and today we got the completed version of "Home."

But wait there's more....

2 more Brandy demos are here! Take a listen to:

"Who's The Loser Now"

"I'm A Believer" (sounds like it was created during the same sessions as Chris Cornell's "Scream")

Wow! Brandy killed the vocals! With Brandy and Timbo the rule of thumb seems to be the less Timbo singing the better. Your thoughts?

Only one Faunteleroy/Timbaland track to go "Let's Do It."

Props to Buddha!


  1. LOVE brandy on this tracks. Cant wait for that album they are doing together. Props on these josh

  2. Let's give Buddha a shout out for hooking you up with these *cough* lol.

    None of them have anything on the "Afrodisiac" album, but all of them are nice.

  3. Lets do it is one of my fav' from! I like the production and everything on the Brandy version of "who's the loser now"!


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