Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Timbaland On HIs Chad Kroeger & Drake Collabos

Timbaland, along with many other major artists from around the world, is a fan of Nickelback. Hard to believe considering the group is panned by critics and most other musicians. Yet Timbo is a fan and when it came to creating Shock Value II he was determined to work with at least the lead singer, Chad on a track. In a recent interview in Toronto, Timbaland asked Chad to be on "Tomorrow In A Bottle" and got a "very easy yes" along with offering praise to the group, "I just love Nickelback's music. That's why I reached out to Chad."

And as for Drake, Timbo sent the MC a track based on "his voice, his tone" as "it just sounded like his type of style." Timbo also elaborated on how he thinks Drake got so successful so quickly, "everything is timing, maybe it was the right timing, he popped up at the right time."

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  1. Chad is a huge douche. We went to some MMA fight with him a couple years ago over here in Vancouver and ended up leaving dude.


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