Wednesday, March 31, 2010

J Lo "Starting Over" produced by Danja

Here's an (awful) song from J Lo off her forthcoming Love?. Take a listen:

J Lo "Starting Over"

Sorry but this track is just bad. J Lo sounds flat, the beat is mediocre, and it's just one of those tracks you'd skip over. Not sure if it's a first single but if so I can already smell the dust on what would be a shelved album. Harsh true but we all KNOW Danja can do better ("Virginity" anyone?).

Track written by Wynter Gordon.


  1. it was recorded during her tenure at Epic Records and was only meant as an album cut. now that she's with Def Jam, expect new material.

  2. This is a pretty bad song haha, hopefully the new material is better

  3. If this is Danja, then it really is April fools! :)

  4. It just totally sounds unfinished to me.


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