Monday, March 22, 2010

"Talk That" the 3rd version?

First we had the Timbaland F/ T-Pain "Talk That" demo version and the burning question was who is this song for? Then came what we thought was the final version that included who the song must be for Missy Elliott, the Timbaland F/ T-Pain and Missy Elliott version. Must be a left over from Shock Value II right? Yep case closed.

Or is it?

Turns out that there's another version out there that includes Akon which makes you wonder maybe this track is meant for the long delayed "new" album from Missy Block Party. Take a listen to Akon's part:

Let's hope we get all of them on the final version!

Update: I was reminded of Freestyle Steve's Upstream where he played the Akon version, the Lil' Wayne version, as well as the reference for what later became "Venus Vs. Mars."


  1. this is going to be on the re-release of SV2. from what I remember only with T-Pain & Missy tho

  2. They are re-releasing SVII? Wow...

  3. on one of his ustream sessions freestyle also played a version with lil wayne...

  4. yep, there also a Lil Wayne verse.
    and as I know, there were plans to rerelease SV2. but right now, there are no plans because the album doesn't have as much success as hoped.


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