Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update on Hayes' First 48

Ok so who's excited to see what Dr. Dre and Timbaland have in store for the newest up and coming Detroit city MC, Hayes? I know I am despite Tim's latest retirement from hip hop late last year. Well Hayes sat down with and gave the latest on his new album First 48: So this First 48 album, is this really 48 joints on here, do I understand that correctly?

Hayes: Yea, that’s why it’s called First 48. n***as think I’m trying to bite off the show or I’m gonna kill them in 48 hrs or something. No n***a its 48 songs. I don’t know why n***as are diggin into it so deep So tell me about your album that you’re working on, more about the First 48, I know that’s done but tell me about some of the songs you are working on.

Hayes: We already have started some recording on it. I just got off tour with Timbaland, the Shock Value 2 Tour. Me and Timbaland are about to start working on the album. We was working on the studio bus being on the road. Tried to find a few times to work with Dre in between the tour dates. So is there an expected release date for the album?

Hayes: Ummm… Were working. Tim and Dre planned to do something early in the year. They’re both going to bring their A game. That’s the only f**king game they play. So you know what I’m saying? I don’t think that there’s any competition in my lane and I feel free.

Full Interview

48 tracks could you imagine? 24 each. I bet they'll be a good 20+ with a large chunk being interludes. What do you all think, an updated Chairmen of the Boards?

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  1. sounds dope, hopefully tim and dre work on some beats together, as opposed to just providing beats seperately for the album


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