Friday, March 26, 2010

Cali Stylz "The Archives" Volume 4

Here's a 17 cut mixtape from Cali Stylz that dropped back in November with the Danja track "Don't Stop" F/ Nic Rag. Take a listen:

<a href="">Blowin Up : LottaStylz by Cali Stylz</a>

Pay attention to "64 Lean" that is the same track as "64 Leanin'" thought to be a Danja track but as it turns out is produced by Rikki Allsum.

Big props to my homie Unreal and Nick for their production on the project.

Props to Виктор for the info!

1 comment :

  1. Have you guys heard of this guy that's now working with Cali Stylz by the name of Michael Challenger? I think his producer name is Chally. He was on Cali Stylz last mixtape. 'Stuck on your full Time' I heard he's a prospect for Danja and Danja is looking at him. You guys need to update your website on Cali Stylez. He has a new mixtape out with Featured prouction from Unreal,Danjah and Millz. They are incredible! I'm following the Challenger guy on Twitter too. Wizz Dumb and all them other guys seem to know him.


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