Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Asher Roth "Cumbaya"

As expected the "new" Asther Rooth Timbaland produced track is a recycled LL Cool J beat from 2001, one "Feel The Beat." Here take a listen:


This shouldn't come as any surprise considering Asher's first mixtape, The Greenhouse Effect had 1 "Timbaland" produced track and 2 "Danja" produced tracks which were also recycled from earlier. They are:

-"Morning Do" aka "Bounce"
-"Demonic" aka "Break The Ice"
-"Gimmie Your Box" aka "Gimmie More"

If you're an Asher Roth fan, as I am, download the complete mixtapeSeared Foie Gras w/ Quince & Cranberry here

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