Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Amar Talks Timbaland

The Chronicles would like to extend a HUGE congratulations to Amar for winning a UK Asian Music Award for Best Female Act. Her album is blowing up in the UK and she has been around the world and back doing interviews, radio drops, and anything and everything to continue to get the word out abut her incredible Show It Off album.

In one of her recent interviews she talks about how she came to meet Timbaland. Check it out:

Sensaznmag: How did the whole Timbaland collaboration come about?

Amar: After my break, I was introduced to the whole Sunset team, which includes Charlie Hype (UK producer who you will be hearing much more of!) and Jim Beanz who is Timbaland’s right hand man. We did some demos together that Tim heard.
At the time, he was looking for a voice for a track he had for Shock Value, a beat that he had put together, this ended up being Bombay. I work with him regularly now, just being there when he’s working gives me the chance to get onto other project, for example I got to write on the recent track that he produced for Shakira and Lil Wayne ‘Give it Up to Me’ and also added my voice to ‘If we ever meet again’ which is Tim and Katy Perry, written and produced by Jim Beanz. He’s a hilarious character, and loyalty and team spirit means everything to him.

Sensaznmag: Timbaland actually makes a feature in your new album 'Show It Off', what's the album all about?

Amar: It’s a dream, the album. It’s an Indo-Urban and pop album, with some of the best of both the East and West. Imagine hard American beats and a real urban sound, with distinct Indian melodies, and wave after wave of talent to collaborate with and you have ‘Show It Off!’

For clarification, Timbaland was supposed to do 4 tracks for Amar's album but unfortunately due to time constraints with Shock Value II, which was in also in production at the time, Timbo didn't get on the final album. Vice versa, Amar recorded tracks for SVII but due to the album taking a different direction she was not on the final cut but have no fear we'll be hearing plenty more from her!

Congrats to the talented Amar!

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