Monday, March 22, 2010

Keri Hilson "Greenlight" (Demo)

Here's a long awaited track by Keri Hilson titled "Greenlight" produced by Polow with Candice Nelson on background and adlibs.

Keri Hilson "Greenlight"

Written by The Clutch: Keri, Zeke, Que, and Candice. Not Timbo I know but still a cool track.

Writers Props to Luke of The Keepers.

Update: This track is a demo for what was more than likely its original purpose which was to go to an R&B artist. The track probably didn't get picked up, Polow kept it in the vaults, and then decided to give it to Fabo (or Fabo liked what he heard) with Lloyd handling the singing part as it was meant for.


  1. ...this sounds like a beat from another song.....drums too...can't remember where. nice leaks t today, tho.

  2. the beats from fabolous song Fabolous - Real Playa Like (Feat. Lloyd)


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