Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nine Inch Nails Vs. Timbaland

Throughout the years Timbaland has said that he always looked at Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails as an inspiration and someone he wanted to work with. Well it looked like last year Timo's wish finally came true! Who picked up the Nine Inch Nails album Strobe Light produced entirely by Timbaland from last year? The tracklisting looks incredible:

1. intro skit
2. everybody's doing it (featuring chris martin, jay-z AND bono)
3. black t-shirt
4. pussygrinder (featuring sheryl crow)
5. coffin on the dancefloor
6. this rhythm is infected
7. slide to the dark side
8. even closer (featuring justin timberlake and maynard james keenan)
9. on the list (she's not)
10. clap trap crack slap
11. laid, paid and played (featuring fergie of the black eyed peas and al jourgensen)
12. feel like being dead again
13. still hurts (featuring alicia keys)
14. outro skit

If you haven't yet make sure you order it via NIN's website. Ish is bangin'!

Ok Ok the gig is up, as most of you may knew this was Reznor's idea of a great April Fools joke (that worked) and a way to continue to jab Timbaland for the music he's been creating the last few years. Reznor was not a fan of the Chris Cornell project and didn't mince words last year with the rocker via Twitter. Well what's interesting is Timbo and Trent have worked before quite some time ago but even then Reznor was not having it. Read for yourself:

In the case of Cornell, I don’t know Chris. I do know what label he’s on now, and I do know who’s whispering in his ear. And heavily on the With Teeth album, I turned that record in and I would get back, "Hey you know, you might wanna… maybe we need to put some beats on this record."

I’m not making this up. "What do you mean, beats?"

"Well, this urban thing is really taking off. You’ll get it in the club. You know, what if we had Dre or somebody…"

And the part of me that wants to be the open-minded artist says, "I’ll consider that." I even went so far as Timbaland doing a-- trying to do a-- remix at Interscope’s dime of "Hand That Feeds", which was laughably terrible. And when I turned in Year Zero, which I thought had the coolest beats I’ve ever come up with, I hear "Yeah, we need some cool beats." It’s like, "You know what? Suck me."

And I’m sure there was someone whispering in Cornell’s [ear] and he can put that off as some kind of socio-cultural experiment, but what it was was a money grab. And when you do that, you’re saying to other people that look up to you [that] it’s okay to do that. And it’s not okay to do that. It isn’t.

Ouch! Doesn't look like we'll ever get music from these two.


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  3. I agree with some points, obviously was for the money, but I think this was one of timbo's more creative albums, an experiement like people have mentioned, unfortunately wasn't a commerical success. Was too far a field for some Chris Cornell fans.


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