Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cassie "Written In The Stars" (produced by Brian Kennedy)

I might be late on this but take a listen to this apparent Danja produced demo by Cassie that was meant for Rihanna but didn't make the final cut for her album Rated R:

Sounds like Danja but I can't 100 confirm quite yet. Thoughts?

Update: This track is produced by Brian Kennedy written by the writing collective The Network. Big A to the rescue, props!


  1. I remember hearing it once and thinking This isn't Danja.

    But, then again, I thought the same thing with Ghost and that Flame Thrower song.

  2. this deff isnt cassie boog! i dont kno who it is but his isnt her..

  3. Doesn't sound like Danja at all to me.

  4. I know this post was posted a whole decade ago, but the actual artist is named Velvet Angels and the song was produced by Aaron Pearce (No Angels (former girl group), Michelle Williams, Fifth Harmony); this song and the song "Satellite" falsely tagged under Frankie Storm are by Velvet Angels also contains copyrights


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