Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Latest of "Talk That"

The many interpretation of "Talk That" continues this time with new Mosley Music Group family member Billy Blue joining the latest version. Take a listen:

"Talk That" F/ Billy Blue

We've never heard a Timbaland track go through so many changes ever so let's review the continually morphing versions so we're all on the same page:

1. Timbaland F/ T-Pain
2. Timbaland F/ T-Pain F/ Missy Elliott
3. Timbaland F/ T-Pain F/ Missy Elliott & Lil' Wayne
4. Timbaland F/ T-Pain F/ Missy Elliott & Akon
5. Timbaland F/ T-Pain F/ Billy Blue

Go back to your original version with just T-Pain and listen to all the sounds that have since been removed. Too bad...

Props to Buddha


  1. Can I get a link to the various versions??

  2. Do you listen to Lil'Wayne version somewhere?

  3. J2 Steve played it (towards the end):

  4. wow thx J!
    Lil'Wayne's verse is hot!

  5. Someone's definitely going to loop the end of this track and try to release their own little verse to it. Even though they're broke...


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