Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Miscommunication" The Music Video

I'm sure you all have already seen this but just in case here's one of the oddest videos I have ever seen. The "live" dubbed version of "Miscommunication" with the whole crew except.....the man who produced the track Danja!

Timbaland Featuring Kerri Hilson from UX ENTERTAINMENT GROUP on Vimeo.

My favorite parts are when they cut to Freestyle scratching on the tables when there's no scratching whatsoever in the song. Random....but still the best track on SV I.


  1. yah i don't get it ha! Check tim's hat

  2. DAM tim looked soooo good bak then!! hes actually kinda hot lol. i think id beat.. lmaoooo! and LOL @ keri's hair back then! i remember how much i hated it! haha! thank god she changed it

  3. lol wow this video is creepy...
    and danja may have produced it,but clearly thats tims drums. i will go to my grave with that.

  4. is Danja not in there? I feel like Tim didn't even touch this track aside from his vocals.


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