Friday, March 19, 2010

Interpolation? Sample? of the Week

In what I hope sparks some discussion and debate I thought we'd revisit a Timbaland track whose sample has long been discussed and spoken about. Omarion's "Icebox" and the famous piano melody. Most people say it's from a video game whether it be some level on Zelda, the soundtrack of Chrono Trigger, or an old school Batman game and all agree Timbo, or rather King in this case, interpolated what they heard when creating the piano melody.

Well I stumbled on a track that could be considered hard evidence for at least the interpolation for the infamous melody. Take a listen:

Hear it? So what do you think, did Timbo and King get their inspiration from this track?


  1. hmmm, i'm not sure about this one boog

  2. Def some melodies that are similar, some later on in the track that sound like the piano line etc and some of the vocal melodies

    it could be

  3. I think brian kidd produced the track


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