Thursday, March 4, 2010

Monica Steals New Missy Tracks?

Could it be, Missy in 2010? Let's hope so! Even the dope site is on hiatus (hang in there guys!). Well it seems like Monica not only heard some of Missy's new album but wanted a couple for herself. The "Still Standin'" songbird says of Missy's new album "“She’s working really hard on it. She’s got some crazy music on there, some stuff I was trying to steal for my record. I got a couple of things that she let me take, but she’s working really hard on [her album].”

"Crazy music" as in some crazy Timbo beats?! If only....

Until then we'll just have to continue the waiting game. Be sure to check Monica's single "Everything To Me" as well as additional Miss Miss productions on her upcoming album. “Missy is big on my album. She’s been big on the last three,” Monica said. “I think I realized that she and I had this chemistry when she called me and told me to fly to Miami tonight for a real good reason. And when I walked in the studio, she was playing ‘So Gone.’ She doesn’t even tell me anything, she just knows.”

*fingers crossed*

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