Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Keri Hilson Demos

In what has to be the biggest demo leak EVER, not 1 not 5 not 10 not even 20 but 26 Keri Hilson demos have leaked! They include:

- Automatic
produced by Tricky Stewart
written by Keri, Zeke, Bale'wa, Candice, & J-Que
demo for Dear Jayne
- Be Like That
produced by the Co-Stars
written by Keri, Bale'wa, % Candice
- Better
produced by Soulshock & Karlin
written by Keri & J-Que
- Big (not Keri singing)
Produced By Kwame 'K-1 Mil' Holland
Same beat as "Bite The Dust" by The Pussycat Dolls (written by Keri)
- Blind
- Cut My Hair
produced by Danja
same as Johnta Austin "Be My Shorty" & D. Brown "Ms. Secretive"
- Dem Boys
- Energy
demo performed by RaVaughn Brown F/ Rico Love
- Energy (The Motion Remix)
- First
- Friend Zone
demo for Electrik Red
- Hold On
produced by Big D
written by Keri, Zeke, Candice, & J Que
demo for Spensha Baker
- How Could You Complain
- Little Bit (Keri and Candice singing)
produced by Rich Harrison
written by Zeke, Bale'wa, Candice, & J-Que
- Love Ya
produced by Danja
written by Keri
same as the previous version
- Rock On
produced by Anthony Dent
written by Keri, Ebony Burks, & Karen Marks
- Somethin' Bout Your Love
produced by MaddScientist (not confirmed yet)
- Time Of My Life
produced by Fred Jerkins III
written by Keri, Bale'wa, & J-Que
background vox by Candice Nelson
- Too Much
produced by Danja
written by Keri, Zeke, Candice, & J-Que
demo for Keisha Chante
- Tryin' So Hard
produced by Brian Kennedy
written by Keri, TK, & Lonny Breaux
- Up Keep
produced by The Movement
demo for Paula Campbell
- Wait A Minute
produced by Kwame 'K-1 Mil' Holland
- What The World Need Take
- Wrong When You're Gone
produced by Bigg D
written by Keri, Zeke, Candice, & J-Que
demo for Jennifer Lopez/Melissa Jimenez
- You Said
written by Keri
Produced by The Underdogs & Antonio Dixon

- Late Night
performed by J Valentine F/ Keri Hilson & Bailey

Looks like someone needs to change their password ASAP. How crazy are hackers?! DAMN! heck back with The Chronicles as we are still identifying producers, additional writers, and who the demos were meant for. Just to be clear most of these demos are years old, nothing brand new.

Big props to Mr. Shearer for the info.

On the real, all of you musicians, producers, artists, etc out there change your passwords frequently, get on a rotating password schedule, and protect your music!

Update: Via Keri's Twitter: "Leaked music is such a slap in the face. Yet its kinda funny that the DEMOS were never mine & years old! Don't believe the "new music" hype."


  1. hot damn

    hopefully some new tim or danja stuff in there with it

  2. got a leak? hehe seriously whats up with leaked demo's? taking the piss

    enjoy mendoza!!

  4. awesome... now can I get some of the OLD Keri leaks in a trackpack? the '05-07 ones?

  5. dam there better be some timbo tracks in that bunch!!!

  6. Yo J.
    Wait A Minute's not Brian Kidd.
    It's Kwamé.
    He even speaks on the intro and says his name.

  7. Sir Boom we got in straightend out now. There another track that is Kidd called "Wait" though...

  8. Can't wait to hear that one.
    Brian Kidd is a beast!
    He needs to do more stuff.


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