Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jadakiss and Timbaland?

Jadakiss, who's about 8-9 tracks deep into his new album with a possible release date in late May, recently aired out his feelings on a few subjects including the possibility of getting Timbo on his new album:

On possible producers: "I still gotta holla at Kanye, Just Blaze, maybe Pharell, hopefully Dr. Dre, Toomp ... whoever got the f*cking heat man, Timbaland, Storch. I don't discriminate. If it's hot, let's have it."

On the possible Kiss My Ass title of his new album: "Nas is dropping N*gger, why I can't drop Kiss My Ass? I think I might keep my sh*t. Kiss My Ass coming soon."

On the current state of music: "N*gga's is garbage. The game is f*cked up...a bunch of ring tone, tight-pants-wearing motherf*ckrs. I'm just doin' me. The music is f*cking garbage, man. Kanye came out with hot music. He sold records. T.I., same thing. Alicia Keys, same sh*t. If your sh*t was hot and you had a machine, you sold records."

To those with below expected music sales: "Don't blame nobody, just make better music, *ssholes. It's a business at the end of the day, so you can be mad at who ever but you gotta be mad at yourself. Either the music wasn't right or you didn't handle your business. It's as simple as that."


  1. "Tight pants" won't look as ridiculous as over sized ones in 15 years. I swear people will look back on a lot hip-hop style will the same disgust as they do 80s hair metal style now.

    Like Andre 3000 said, "Your white-T to me look like a nightgown; do ya mamma proud, take it three sizes down"

  2. I would like to hear Kiss over a Timbo beat again.

  3. I agree Fully with the Tight tights comment above. I like Jadakiss but the tight pants comment has to go. Clothes has nothing to do with the way your music sounds. and even though yes im into the tighter pants i consider myself a perfect music freak. Forget Soulja Boy. There is no Soul in that at all.

    P.S. I want to hear Kiss over a Timbo and Neptunes Track (not pharrell.. neptunes!)

  4. what an excellent Andre 3000 quote, anonymous #1. my feelings exactly.

  5. Missy album might be called Time space continuum.

  6. Remember a post earlier this month about Larry Gold? The song in that video was 'I will' by Shelby Norman.

    A friend of mine uploaded it here for me:

    Now you can all download as well.


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