Monday, November 5, 2007

BossPlayya Presents: Miss E...SO ADDICTIVE Timstrumentals

And another Timmy/Missy classic....SO ADDICTIVE brought Missy back to the mainstream audience and critics. Another crazy album from the Wonder Twins.
Let's runem down.
Get Ur Freak On instru
The lead single. Classic
Lick Shots instru
B-side for GET UR FREAK ON, this track made it's appearance in the video for the aforementioned track.
One Minute Man instru
Second single, the video version which featured Luda and Trina...the remix features Jay-Z
Whatcha Gon Do instru
My fave joint on Missy's album, featured a guest rap by Tim, tacked on to the ONE MINUTE MAN video.
Take Away instru
The video turned into an Aaliyah tribute. This song is so beautiful it played durin the birth of both my children. Co-produced by Craig Brockman
4 My People instru
My least fave cause I don't like 'house' music, this track is Produced by Nisan and D-Man w/ additional production by Tim. In the US, I think it was tacked onto the end of the TAKE AWAY vid, overseas, I heard it was a full fledged single.

Once again, need some help. GET UR FREAK ON and TAKE AWAY are cd-rips, but the other 4 are off vinyl. If anyone has that better quality then hit me up!!


  1. This to me was in the top three of her albums if not the best.

  2. Great post Roderick!!

    I can still remember the first time I heard "Lickshots" at the end of the "Get Ur Freak On" video, I was BUGGIN' out!!

  3. wow can't believe you guys give us the links this time. Where should I write this ?

  4. I wish he made more beats like these classic timbo.

  5. I don't care who you are, 4 My People is genius. I don't understand how it could be the least fave.

  6. THANX a BUNCH! Take Away is such a pretty song and when i first saw the video it made the song even more beautiful [tear moment]
    Keep up the GOOD work on this site ya'll! THANX

  7. I love take away even though it always made me sad listening to it one of her best albums.

  8. Funnily enough "4 my people" was my fave track on that shitty "Miss e" album. It was released in Europe as a single, but the remix got more spins on TV and radio than the original version and the video was whack too. I can't remember whether it was a Basement Jaxxx remix or a Fatboy slim one. But it was one of the two.

  9. anyone have a new link for Whatcha Gon Do ? since the one is dead :( please. thanks

  10. anyone have a new link for Whatcha Gon Do ? since the one is dead :( please. thanks


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