Thursday, November 1, 2007

Boogie's Sample of the Week?

There is no way I'm about to take this longtime and legendary weekly post over from Czar. He has the sample crown and though I've tried 2 times now to take it, it still rests on his head. Perhaps a Sample War III? Who knows. Perhaps a Czar Sample Mix 9? Now that is definitely a possibility. If there's one thing I've learned first hand from Czar that is to never rule him out. He has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect. With that said, I hope one day he will return from the land of academics and drop some new samples on us.

In the meantime my good friend Unreal has uncovered what really should be an obvious sample though because of another song it has proven not to be. Many years ago the ringtone "Block Party" was released and the sample stans went into a frenzy digging for the sample. And where did you think we looked? The 8 Bitz Style sample CDs of course! Yet no matter how much we dug, we could never find that particular sample. The ringtone was later turned into the controversial "Do It" beat and still no one to this day has found the original sample on a sample CD.

Then 50 Cent's "AYO Technology" comes around. People immediately pegged the sample as one from a video game or from a chiptune CD but nothing concrete was uncovered. What we all forgot to do was take a look back to those good old 8 Bitz samples CDs Tim has been using for so long. Here's the sample from 8 Bitz as well as a clip from "AYO Technology" on one stream.

8 Bitz Vs. "AYO Technology"

The sample has been slowed down, hear it? I have a feeling, especially based on all our comments this week, that there will be some debate on the validity of the sample. Lets hear what you got to say!

Big props to Unreal for the find! Czar are you watching? Ha!


  1. this sample hasn't been slowed down. it's the exact same as the 8bit version. tim prolly cut it into 3 pieces and added water, lol.

  2. All he needed was just the first second of that sample. His pitch sampler would've done the rest. I don't think that's the ONLY chiptune he used (If you listen extremely carefully, you can hear another counter melody playing alongside with it), but it's definitely one of them.

    Needless to say, Good find!

  3. "this sample hasn't been slowed down. it's the exact same as the 8bit version. tim prolly cut it into 3 pieces and added water, lol."


  4. If you listen to Ayo technology it's obvious that Danja used a sample or samples since the speed of the arpegiator slows down as the chord changes.

    Now, if Danja would've used their Sidstation Synth or any other synth to actually create the sound from scratch the speed of the arpegiator would've not changed as the chord went down.

    It's the same way when you pitch down voices, if you don't preserve duration while pitching the voice, it will not only get darker/lower, it will be slower also.

  5. Exactly right Hammer - if people know their basics about sampling you know that the lower you edit the pitch of a sample, the slower it becomes (unless you timestretch). In the AYO Technology instru, you can CLAERLY hear the arpeggiation slowing down when Tim/Danja hit the lower keys, which is exactly the same of what I did in that mp3.

  6. i have a couple of soundfonts just like that smartasses

  7. in the mp3 it's another pitch level on the second note and aftah
    get ur facts right amazing non amazing producers

  8. Some of this stuff you fools are calling samples really aren't. Ya'll idiots need to hop off
    timbos dick before he gets sued for nothing.

  9. hammer your saying danja lyk tim aint involved in da track

  10. It actually doesn't sound like Tim ever was, if you ask me... I feel STRONGLY that "Ayo Technology" was Danja's primarily (see me in Shock Value II commments).

    But, Danja makes completely original compositions, which strikes me as odd in reference to this track. That means Tim has to have been involved somewhere along the line. Then again, Danja is credited for having a hand in Nelly Furtado's "Do It". I can't pretend he wasn't involved with that.

  11. Ok before I get even more hated than I already am I have to clear some things out.

    It wasn't my intention to leave Timbo out of the cred, just that I'm so used to Danja doing stuff nowdays that I for some reason only just used his name.

    Second, before you harass me like I'm some stupid ass kid, YES if it came from a _SAMPLE CD_ it is in fact a SAMPLE.

    It ain't necessary SAMPLED from a track, it ain't illegal in any way, but it is a sample, just like a kick or anything else that for an exemple ain't generated by a synth.

  12. //...continue of my last post //

    The ONLY obvious way that any factor could've slowed down that arpegiator patter would be if Danja/Tim held down less keys as they changed chord, which I doubt they did.
    And I mean, they sample so often and we know Tim has used this sample cd before when he did that Kelis jump off so why wouldn't he use it again? Come on, it ain't like it's shamefull to use sample cd's, everyone does!

  13. plz up at zshare !

  14. Some anonymous dude;
    "Some of this stuff you fools are calling samples really aren't. Ya'll idiots need to hop off
    timbos dick before he gets sued for nothing."

    LOLOL I don't think you understand the concept of cycling - you've been watching too many of those youtube videos that mix it in with the same term as stealing. This was from a Sample CD called '8-Bit Stylez', made by Ueberschall. It's made specifically for anyone who wants premade melodies, sound fx, etc, and is quite expensive at the expense of being royalty-free under use. No-one's going to get sued.

  15. I agree with all Unreal have said and will say.

    I mean, the whole meaning of this shit that atleast I write is that I wanna teach out some things to people that wanna be know.
    If I didn't care or wanted to keep my "secrets" to myself I wouldn't even wrote anything to begin with.

    I mean... Why start attacking people people when you ain't sure yourself about something.

  16. Apologies of the weird build up of the "teach out" sentence.
    There shouldn't have been a "be" in that sentence.

  17. Yeah agreed Hammer, I'mma leave it at this anyway since there's not much to explain! We've both about said it all so I guess we can't say much else.

    Also, @ my above post, I said cycling for some reason instead of sampling, no idea why but I mean't to write sampling.

  18. ayo can i get a link for this???

  19. As you can hear the original goes into a up-tone and then a low-tone whereas AYO goes the opposite way so even if this has been sampled its only the sound thats been sampled and not the actual melody

  20. Bump.
    I've written an article about this in the contect of Timbo vs Crystlas Castles, so for me this is highly interesting. But as it seems, the lnk is broken. Can you please re-up it?

    Read my take on it

  21. i cant believe no one has realized that this arpeggio was just taken out of FRUITY LOOPS STUDIO. It's a stock arpeggio under the 3x Osc folder. Take a look. It slows down as the chord changes and everything. Same exact sound. I used it a million times in my old songs when I learned to produce.

  22. Haha..its just an arpeggiation readily available listen to this song by crystal castles called courtship date..they used it b4 timbo. Coincidence or not you decide!!!
    crystal castles courtship date

  23. Oswald: No! <- Click there to see why.


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