Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who Flipped it better? Pete Rock Vs. Marley Marl Vs. Timbaland

I'm diggin' this series of posts as they show how different producers approach the same sample. 1 body of music 2 or in this case 3 different ears and styles. I think what a lot of producers may forget is it's not necessarily the sample itself that can make you a good producer, though don't get me wrong the right one can make a song a hit, but it's more so how you use the sample. We've all heard samples used in a unique, inventive way making us say "wow what was he thinking?!!" and we've all heard samples used that has made us say "damn what was he thinking..."

Timbaland is a master at sampling not only because of the samples he uses but how he uses them. He can make a dope track out of anything whether the sample is some obscure 1979 Bollywood track or a common baby laugh or hiccup. The focus should be not necessarily on how Tim gets his samples but what he does with them when he does get them. In the end it's all about where Tim puts and doesn't put the sample. Tim is a genius when it comes to space both positive and negative. He understands what works and what doesn't. Sure he doesn't get it right everytime but overall Tim can be considered one of the slickest samplers as you really have to dig sometimes to find those obscure guitar chords or frantic drum patterns.

Ok enough talk let's get down to business, back in 1998 Pete Rock released his first solo album sans CL Smooth called Soul Survivor. One of the tracks off the album is called "The Game". Take a listen, sound familiar? Maybe not at first listen but it should after taking a listen to the next song. 5 years later Tim & Magoo released their album Under Construction II along with a track arguably produced by Hannon Lane called "Naughty Eye". Now do you hear the sample?

Wait though there's one more....

Recently this past summer, KRS 1 dropped an album entitled Hip Hop Lives with a track called "Rising To The Top" produced by Marley Marl using the exact same sample.

So there you have it: 3 producers, one sample and so I'll leave you with the famous question: Who flipped it better? Bonus points as always to whoever can name the sample. It should be an easy one :)


  1. "The Game" is easily the best. I was never a fan of "Naughty Eye"...

  2. Naughty eye is smashing on both of those beats. Tim flipped the sample the other gots didn't really do much

  3. Henry Mancini - The Girl From Petrovka Theme


  4. Big Pete (pause)! "The Game" is by far the better of the three. Tim surprises me with this track because it actually isn't moving as much as he usually makes a track move.

    Maybe he should'a added more water.

  5. 'the game' was probably the hardest hitting one for me.

  6. pete rock flipped it the best, the marly marl ones kinda boring, timbo flipped it nice as well but aint one of my fave beats from him

  7. im a bg tim fan but bes, Pete Rock KILLED this sample. The Game is by far the better song.


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