Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Danja & Jim Beanz chop it up with Cassie

Cassie has been a busy woman since her radio hit "Me & U" with guest appearances on Jay Z's American Gangster album, appearing in Kanye West's "Stronger", and modeling for Sean John. She is also been working on her 2nd album with the likes of Ryan Leslie, Diddy, Eric Hudson, Brian Cox, Danja and my homie Jim Beanz! Check her latest interview to read more:

****AHHA: Who have you been working with on this album, as far as producers or guest appearances?

Cassie: I have no guest appearances so far; I’m sure that will come once we finish up and finalize the track listing and things like that. As far as producers, I’ve got to work with Puffy which hasn’t happened before, which is really, really cool. He’s really been hands-on with this project. I worked with Ryan Leslie of course again, I worked with Kanye, I worked with Eric Hudson, Brian Cox. Literally I worked with a whole roster of talent. Last night I got the opportunity to work with a writer by the name of Jim Beanz, we had met before but had never really been familiarized properly.

I’m working with Danja and I was telling him, “You know that song ‘Perfect Lover’ on Britney’s album, I love it.” He was just like, “Oh cool,” and then I was telling Puffy that on his album I love “After Love” with Keri Hilson and I just found out yesterday that Jim Beanz wrote both of them. Those are two songs that I absolutely, completely love so I’m really excited to work with [Jim].****

Props to Big A for the news!


  1. Hopefully all of them can help looks cant do it all

  2. At least it won't be as bad as what B5 did to Danja's beat and Corte's lyrics... even Cassie can't do that bad.

  3. has a 1:30 snippet of Nicole Sherzingers new song called "physical" produced by timbaland and it sounds like on of the first truly Timbo-produced songs in a while! Love the humming in the background, similar to 3 AM.

  4. i thought keri said she wrote after love for danity kane. i am looking foward to sum more danja heat for sure! i agree with u frederick. that beat is one of the better synthy joints that danja made, only to have those boys ruin it.

  5. "At least it won't be as bad as what B5 did to Danja's beat and Corte's lyrics... even Cassie can't do that bad."


    B5 murdered the beat to "Teardops". They absolutely murdered it. Corte's gotta be put on the naughty step too though, because those lyrics were whack. Danja came correct with the beat, but it reminded me way too much of "My love".

    In terms of Cassie's vocals, I'm sure Jim Beanz will come correct on that front. If he can't have Cassie sound good, then I'm sure he'll step up to the plate pad that shit out like he did on Britney's "Perfect lover" and "Break the ice".

  6. I am SO tempted to contact Jim Beanz right now and ask if I can come along...

  7. Cassie actually sounds like an intelligent girl. I guess I kinda expected an airhead.

  8. I'm sorry to tell ya'll but she still can't sing LOL! I got 3 songs she did with Bryan Michael Cox for the album (1 uptempo, 1 midtempo and 1 of the usual B. Cox ballads) and usually their vocal arrangements be on point to help the artist's vocals but they still sounded weak. Good songs but still weak vocals. The Eric Hudson joint is nice!

  9. i love jim beanz vocals, he jus adds that extra sumthin to any song hes on


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