Sunday, November 25, 2007

BossPlayya presents: Missy's THIS IS NOT A TEST Timstrumentals

Comin in on the tailend of Thanksgiving, here's the Timstrus for the week.
So far I ran thru DA REAL WORLD, SO ADDICTIVE and THE COOKBOOK. Albums 2, 3 & 6. Jumping back in time a little, here is album #5, THIS IS NOT A TEST.

Though certified platinum, it was seen as a disappointment in the wake of the huge success of UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Timbaland, when interviewed about this record has gone on record w/ various different statements....

"I think Missy rushed into doin this one", he did drop barely a year after UC.
He also said that she was mad picky on this one, turning down a large amount of tracks, or bein mad dissatisfied w/ a lot of the beats.
Finally tho, I think both Tim & Missy have said this, and it speaks on their 'trailblazing' reputation...They didnt want any of the beats to sound like they were usin conventional sounds that everybody else was on, or as overproduced as everyone else was makin their stuff.

Witness the sparse beats on this album, huge gaps here and there. And the crazy bleeps and clangs substituting the expeced drum sounds on joints like LET ME FIX MY WEAVE and WAKE UP. we got 1st single PASS THAT DUTCH with that great sample Czar found for us. The video featured the amazing intro (which did sound like vintage Missy/Tim), and the second half of the video played WAKE UP.

The second video off this project, and last, was I'M REALLY HOT (nonsensical japanese speaking intro while the visuals were all chinese??!), this one was Missy on her uptempo clubby tip.

Finally we got my fave track on the cd, that John DOE has made a great song on too, KEEP IT MOVIN. And it features that whole 'slow down' effect that we've heard on PUT YOU ON THE GAME, DIRT OFF YOUR SHOULDER, JOY, and countless Danja songs.
Pass That Dutch timstru
I'm Really Hot timstru
Keep It Movin timstru
Wake Up timstru

***request! of the above four WAKE UP is the only track where it is not an oficial instru, one of them dreaded loops. I've heard that there is a proper timstru of this floatin around...vinyl, promo-cd, hit THE CHRONICLES up if anyone has this joint proper!!!***


  1. danja didnt produce dirt off your shoulders did he?

  2. Thanks Roderick for adding a Instrumental tab ;)

  3. No he didn't produce doys he had nothing to do with it There was an interview danja did with he said that put you on the game was tim he just played the piano on it and that he personally had something crazy for game.

  4. Maybe this one >

  5. I've got one around here, but it's a 1:46 instrumental that still contains two of Missy's backing vocal tracks.



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