Sunday, November 11, 2007

G-Unit & Tim

Last week, 50 Cent and the G-Unit released the video for their new single "Feels So Good." It's the first visual from their December 18 LP, Shoot to Kill.

"That describes the aggressiveness," Tony Yayo told us recently. "A lot of people out there sleep on the Unit, but the Unit is back. You be hearing a lot of rumors, people feel certain ways, but we're over 30 million sold as a whole. I been hearing a lot of people sleeping. The hip-hop eras change; down South is winning. We're like the only ones holding it down for New York."

Yayo said the album wasn't done as of yet, but so far "the standout tracks is the tracks with Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. Those are my favorites. It's fun again."



  1. Sounds good, I hope timbo gave them some bangers!

  2. Looks like the 'Word Is' I did about G-Unit & Timbo was true :)

  3. heard this last week maybe the other songs tim did for 50, 50 is using them for g-unit.

  4. I can't stand G-Unit. They're just a bunch of untalented dudes. Even a Timbo beat can't make them dudes sound good. I'll never forget how Timbo gave Lloyd Banks such a hot beat for "My house" and him and Fiddy ruined it with their terrible flow. That chorus was like cancer. There was no life in it. That beat shoulda gone to Jay-Z.

  5. My House was a banger for sho classic timbo

  6. Im so fly by Lloyd Banks shows that it can work.


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