Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New but Old Playa

I have to admit I was pretty surprised when I found out that Playa has a myspace page. By the looks of it, it's been around for quite sometime but it wasn't until recently that I found it. The space gives links to each of trio's solo projects and affiliates and soon music videos as well as videos of various performances will also be posted. Of course this is Playa so immediately the first thing to look for is their music.

They have 2 familiar Playa tracks up, "Intro" and the classic "Birthday" as well as an unreleased, though readily available, Timbaland produced track "Neva 2 Late." Smoke E. self produced the track "Breaks Me Down" but the track to really pay attention to is "Wrong Side Of The Bed." Produced by Timbaland the track was initially done by Playa but was later redone by the 5-some Outsiderz4Life. This track appeared out of nowhere quite some time ago on the Outsiderz4Life myspace page but it was never known there was another version until now.

I HIGHLY recommend you bookmark the Playa page as there are planned updates coming in the next few months. Do I smell a full version of "Available" and "Gravy Train"? Let's hope so. Roderick you ready?!


  1. wow. playa? i remember those dudes when i was working for def jam. "cheers 2 u" and all. the last time i saw them was the aaliyah video "missing u". good find.

    iknowtheledge.com - you already know!

  2. can some one please upload the song birthday?

    that song is sick

  3. Tim needs to work with them again


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