Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Will Timbaland make the Cheri Dennis album?

When it comes to following Timbaland productions you either need a great memory, take extensive notes, or keep an ever-changing list going. Day to day you never know who Timbo's working with, whose album he may (or may not) be on, or what random track that he may have produced could appear. Case in point, back in 2002, yes 5 years ago, MTV reported that Beyonce was working on a track called "Wrapped Around Me" with Timbaland and Missy Elliott for her debut album Dangerously In Love. Here's the report:

****Beyoncé Knowles spent the week working — or rather, working it — on her debut solo album with Timbaland and a certain supa dupa fly producer.

"We just did a song last night called 'Wrapped Around Me,' " revealed a sleepy Missy Elliott last week. "Basically, she's saying she's not an extra chick, like she don't have to do nothing extra, like, 'I'll still have you wrapped around me.' "

Elliott said she and Beyoncé were still feeling each other out but compared the Destiny's Child star to another R&B artist she's produced. "Destiny's Child are incredible as a group, ... but now it's like you see the maturity in Beyoncé," Elliott explained. "Now she's this grownup woman like [how] you witnessed Aaliyah from 'Back & Forth' to 'More Than a Woman.' Her album is incredible. The songs that she's recorded so far is hot."

Knowles has also recorded a duet with Luther Vandross for Dangerously in Love, due in the spring, and she said recently she's been brainstorming on a variety of other producers.****

Obviously the track never made the album. Oddly, it showed up four years later in '06 as a track for Bad Boy artist Cheri Dennis' solo debut. "With production by Timbaland" was in every article, interview, and website associated with Dennis and her new album, making one assume that "Wrapped Around Me" was indeed the Timbaland produced track. Weeks went by, then months, and time after time her album was pushed back. Finally after a year and a half of waiting the lastest date was set: Feburary 8th, 2008. It was even recently reported yet again that Timbaland would still be on the album. The stans could rest easy, we would finally know if Tim really had a hand in the track.

As it turns out the album will actually be released early, November 13th, on iTunes only BUT to put a little twist on what we know so far, "Wrapped Around Me" is not listed on the final tracklisting for the album. So did Timbaland really have a hand in the track or was it just Missy? Did Timbaland produce a different track for the Cheri Dennis album? As we wait for November 13th and then again Febuary 8th for the liner notes, take a listen to the track in question:

Sounds like a solo Missy Elliott production to me. Looks like it could be yet another case of a "Timbaland production" being cut from an album but lets hope it's a different cut altogether.


  1. I wouldn't be suprised if he got cut he got cut off Jay-z,chris brown,cassidy,already hope it is a different track though.

  2. song would have been better with beyonce

  3. sounds a bit lyk dat join he done for jay ages ago called "its hot" i think dats the name

  4. Pretty Sure Its A Missy Production.....

  5. Yeah, I'm just hearing Missy here.


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