Monday, November 12, 2007

BossPlayya Presents: Timstrumental of the Week

I been hittin y'all w/ multiple tracks each week so dialin it down a little.
Let's skip ahead to 2005's THE COOKBOOK. It's Missy's latest (6th!) album, and to Tim fans, probably her most disappointing. Why? Cause she only hooked up w/ Tim for 2 tracks on it, JOY and PARTYTIME.
To me, PARTYTIME was a weak rehash of what the Wonder Twins had been doin on UNDER CONSTRUCTION and THIS IS NOT A TEST. Joy, however was great, classic Timbo beatswitch when Mike Jones drops in. EnJOY.
Joy instru


  1. awesome...
    hey I know this is a sample type question...but the 'joy' voice it the same sample Tim used in shelby norman's 'this love is real' at about 2:27

  2. Yes it's the same sample and if you go way back I posted what Sample CD it's from too.

  3. Classic Tim should do more tracks like the one he switched to with mike jones.

  4. speaking of classic instrumentals i accidently downloaded one to jay-z "get off minez" oneday lost it in a harddrive crash tho, any chance of a link to it? maybe even some history around the song, its a wikid tune.

  5. is it the same as get my sh*% off?

  6. Request to blogger:
    can we have a Timstumental Label put in please!!!

  7. Does anybody have the timstrumental he did for 106 & Park love that beat


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