Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Day 2: Czar's Response

So I gotta give it up to Boogie today. You came harder today than you did yesterday, but maybe not as hard. It's 11:30pm right now so I'm gonna get right to the chase. Since Boogie posted a track that samples a soundtrack, I'll do the same.

We all remember Nas' "You Won't See Me Tonight" . It's one hot ass collabo with Nas, Tim, and Aaliyah. Well the track samples "Hang On" from the 1998 Deep Rising Soundtrack. This movie and its soundtrack went unseen for the most part, so I have no idea how Tim found it, but he turned "Hang On" into a hot ass track. The Deep Rising Soundtrack was produced by Jerry Goldsmith, who was one of the best film and tv show producers in history (he died in 2004). He produced for a diverse (using Boogie's term) set of film and tv shows, from the Twlight Zone to Mulan.

So that's it for Round 2. Might be a close race between Boogie and I today, but I think the master still pulled it out.



  1. Really Czar this is what you're posting? This can be found on your sample Mix Vol. #1. What do you think this is amateur night?

    I'm sorry that it's only day #2 and you're already recycling your own samples. Like I said I ain't foolin' around so let me know when you're ready to actually battle.

    Looking forward to the other 3 samples you got next. Which sample mix of yours should I look through first though?

  2. aight i'm gonna give this round to josh...that "considerate brotha" sample is sick!!

  3. "Really Czar this is what you're posting? This can be found on your sample Mix Vol. #1."

    Thats exactly what i was thinking


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