Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mario "No Definition" Snippet

This snippet leaked awhile back but was in very bad quality so I wanted to wait until a better quality came along to share with everyone. I wanted to really hear the track versus some barely audible 20 second snippet. Now one has come our way:

Here is "No Definition" produced by Timbaland.

Mario's Go! album is slated to be released July 31st with production by Scott Storch, Dre & Vidal, Timbaland, Stargate, and JR Rotem among others. Guests to appear so far announced are Alicia Keys and Nelly though I'm sure there will be many more. What I really like that Mario is doing is every week, up until the album is released, he is posting a webisode about different material and info on the new album.

As far as the track I'm not a fan as it feels like yet another recycled synth pop track that has been reincarnated over and over again lately by Tim. What do you all think? Thank you to the anonymous person who posted it.


  1. King Logan, anybody? Sounds like it's from the same session as "Anonymous". I don't even like this one enough to listen all the way through right now.

  2. it has some of the same sounds as othere songs but it does sound diffrent i wouldnt say its a recycled beat tho.... sounds a little bit like someone is kind of hating ? plus i dont think tim did this its to simple probably royal court tim just put his name on it so it would sell

  3. The drum kit sounds exactly the same as the one used on Bobby V's "Anonymous", so it probably is a Royal Court production. Nonetheless, I want to hear the track in its entirety before I pass judgement.

  4. if the Royal Court keeps recycling Icebox, then they should disappear. <_<

  5. I'm not hating. I like the other Royal Court tracks I've heard, but I'm really not feeling this one.

  6. sounds like a cross between Icebox & Hello


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